Haiti: The Trip That Will Change Your Life

Jenna Lund, Staff Writer

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Calvary, a church located in Souderton, Pa., takes high school and college students each year to Haiti. This mission trip is very important to the members going and to the children living in Haiti. Calvary works with Connect 2 Ministers to help plan their trip every year. This one-week long trip is filled with smiles, laughter, and sometimes tears. The amount of people that go to Haiti each year is truly inspiring to the community. With all the opportunities Calvary has to offer, there have been nearly two million people that have joined the church, (which has been the largest growing church in the Bucks County area). The Haiti trip has changed many lives of both the children and the volunteers. Sam Muredda, a senior at Pennridge High School, stated, “It was nothing that I thought it would be. It was truly heartbreaking.” The high schoolers who attended the trip learned about many unique life experiences. Every person that went on the trip said it was an unforgettable trip.


The mission trip does cost money, although the students can have sponsors help them pay for their trip. Not only does Calvary go to Haiti each year, but they also have been sending food and financial aid to the residence since 2011. It is very important for Calvary Church to go to Haiti since the individuals do not have public electricity, water, and sewers. “The kids have nothing. No parents. They have nothing of their own, but they act like they have everything in the world,” Sam Muredda stated.  Sam said the trip made her so grateful for her privileged life. The church members went to a village in Haiti called ONA VILLE, where the orphanage is located. In the orphanage, there were 78 children who gave their hearts to everyone and didn’t ask for anything in return. The church members worked at the orphanage and taught the children basic skills so they could learn how to provide for themselves. Calvary’s goal is to lead, train, and teach the children skills. Not only that, but another goal of the church is to introduce the children to God.


The kids in Haiti are currently living in awful and unsanitary conditions. The conditions can be deadly to the children, due to sickness and disease.  “There looked to be five-foot high trash piles and it was very crowded,” Sam Muredda stated. Since Haiti constantly gets hit with intense tropical storms, their land is filled with trash and debris. It is not a safe place for children or their families. Calvary plans on helping them by constructing new buildings and stronger structures for when the storms do hit the town. It is very important for Calvary to help these citizens as 59 percent of them only make $3 a day. This amount of money is not enough for a family to support themselves.


The Haiti trip allows high schoolers to get a better view of what other societies and lifestyles are like around the world. The high school students can be introduced to new people and create life-changing memories. Cameron Daly, a senior at Pennridge High School, went to Haiti two times during his high school career. He states, “The most influential event in my experience in Haiti revolves around my sponsor child. The first time I went, I connected with a young boy. The next time I went back, I was able to meet up with him again and watch his kindergarten graduation.” Not only can the church members help a hand in need, but they can connect and support the children. Going on the Haiti trip for many high schoolers was an eye-opener. The church members were disconnected from the real world for one week and were able to experience events that would change lives.  

Haiti is a trip that will leave a spot in many people’s heart for years. Many high schoolers still look at the children’s pictures months after, wishing they could be with them now. Not only did these high schoolers do a good deed for God, but Haiti also changed their life for the better. “Knowing that I was helping around 80 kids was just the best feeling. We raised so much for them and it was simple to do.” said Sam Muredda.  She loved spending a week with the children, as did everyone else who went on the trip. It was truly one motivational, inspiring, and life-changing trip for all who went.