Swinging for the fences; The Perk will host Lady Rams Softball Team fundraiser

Kiley Watson, Staff Writer

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Take a night out to The Perk on Monday, Feb. 25 to support the Pennridge Lady Rams Softball Team! At this event, there will be raffle baskets, 50-50 raffle, and great food. Come and have an enjoyable night while simultaneously helping out your community.


The Perk has been graciously supporting Pennridge and all of its’ sports teams with fundraising for a long period of time, allowing the teams to have 10 percent of sales from the customers from that night. Along with the 10 percent from The Perk, the money made from the raffle baskets and 50-50 raffle go straight to the team for profit. The theme of the baskets changes every year to appeals to all age ranges and personalities. Over the years, there have been themes such as lottery, movie night, spa, hardware, toys, and more. If the baskets aren’t your thing, you can support by purchasing  50-50 raffle tickets. The more people who purchase tickets, the more money that will be at stake; 50 percent of the money goes to the team and the other 50 percent goes to the lucky winner whose name is picked from the raffle. The softball team has especially benefited from this fundraiser, being given the ability to cover the costs of expensive equipment and apparel.


Junior Varsity Head Coach, Laura Myers, emphasizes the impact of the various fundraisers, and that “the more people that come out, the more successful we are”. She also expresses the effect of the fundraiser on the community, which “expresses a sense of togetherness and unity”.


Senior varsity players, Mary Kate Levush and Kiley Watson, express how these fundraisers “allow the team to purchase a plethora of apparel and equipment to benefit the team and it’s skills”.


“When a solid amount of the community’s helps support our team, it gets me, as well as the rest of the team, excited for the upcoming season”, mentioned Watson.


The Lady Rams Softball Team encourages you to come out to The Perk on Monday, Feb. 25, to support it and it’s upcoming season.