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Who doesn’t love it when they find the perfect show to binge watch on Netflix or when they find a reality tv show that they become addicted to? One reality tv show that has mixed opinions, but can be very addictive is the Bachelor. The current season of the Bachelor is quickly coming to an end, but it is not too late to join in on watching this season. The last episode was full of nonstop drama. The Bachelor was told that two of his favorites Caelynn and Cassie were not ready for marriage. He was told this by several other women on the show, and found it very disappointing. This started drama among all the women, but Cassie and Caelynn explained to Colton that the rumors were false. This week they were in Denver, which is where Colton is from. Tayshia was given the first one-on-one of the week, and they went shopping and cooked dinner together. Hannah B. and Caelynn were both also given one-on-ones. Hannah B met Colton’s family, but she was unfortunately sent home. Caelynn and Colton went snowboarding on their date and she got a rose. The rest were all sent on a group date where Cassie and Hannah G. were given roses. Kirpa was sent home and Heather made the decision herself to go home. The next episode is hometown dates, where the Bachelor goes and meets the four finalists’ families. A Pennridge parent said “You should watch the Bachelor because it is a good escape from reality”.

If the Bachelor is something you are not interested in, then you should get caught up and watch Stranger Things and the Haunting of Hill House. Stranger Things is coming out with season three, and there has been speculation of a second season of Haunting of Hill House. The last season of stranger things came out in October 2017, which means fans are anticipating the new season. The producers are saying this should be the best season yet, mixing science fiction with horror. Most of the original cast is going to be in the new season, however, the character Bob may not be

returning. The character Steve may have a new love interest joining the show, named Hawke, and will be played by Maya Thurman. She will discover a dark secret in Hawkins. Three other new characters have been added to this season, one is a lifeguard and one becomes an important part of the dark secret. On February 21st the new season of Haunting of Hill House was officially announced. It will be released in 2020. Lexi Taburri, a senior here at Pennridge said, “The Haunting of Hill House is a show that is always going to keep you on your toes and surprise you with what happens next. It’s a great balance between scary and thrilling and every episode reveals something new and exciting. It’s an awesome show and it’ll leave you thinking for days after you finish it. It’s definitely worth the watch.” The new season will be called the Haunting of Bly Manner and based off the novel  The Turn of Screw by Henry James. This will be an anthology series, meaning there will be a new set of characters for every season. No casting has been announced for the upcoming season. The first season was based on the Crain family, their story is technically over, but it is unknown whether or not they will be in the next season. If you’re looking for a good thrill or a good show to binge on Netflix, then the next seasons of Stranger Things of the Haunting of Bly Manner look like great options to consider.