SAT Prep Guide: Why We Should Prepare?

Cam Daly, Staff Writer

The SAT is a standardized test that was designed as a college entrance exam. A student’s SAT score, GPA, extracurriculars, along with other factors, are tools colleges use when deciding a student’s admission. The test was used as a way to compare all students on a similar level. It is scored off of a 1600 point scale. The SAT consists of math, reading, and writing options with the option of an essay portion. it’s supposed to be a reflection of everything a student has learned throughout their scholastic career.

The SAT is a very controversial topic in the college admissions process. Many students and teachers feel that the SAT is unfair and a student should not be labeled by a score they received on the test. When asked if the SAT should be mandatory or not, Pennridge Senior, Olivia Pena said; “No they should not be necessary. You cannot judge intelligence off of one test score, one number”.  Olivia Pena shares a common opinion amongst high school students. Olivia said; “Colleges should use a student’s GPA more because it shows how hard a student works. Colleges should also use extracurriculars, volunteering, and employment as it shows a student’s character and maturity better than one number from a test.” On the other side of the argument, Mrs. McLarnon, a teacher at North Penn High School feels that “The SAT is a good tool to put students on the same playing field, however, schools should use other factors to determine admissions”. Many students have begun to agree with the “No SAT” movement which would abolish the test as a whole.

The SAT is a very stressful time in a student’s life as it is a major step in one’s college career. There are many options when it comes to preparing for the SAT. SAT boot camps are always a good option for preparing for the SAT. The boot camps are designed to prepare students and give them insight into the test. Khan Academy is another tool that should be utilized by students. Students have the ability to link their SAT scores and Khan Academy to create a specialized way to prepare for the exam. Another option is to practice books. College Board offers practice books to help students prepare.

Once all the practice books and boot camps are done, the final hours before the test is the last stage of the preparation. Testing experts recommend that students should take study breaks, eat a nutritional dinner, and get a good night’s sleep before the test. The morning of the test, students should aim to be sitting in their desk at the testing center by 7:45 AM with all of their necessary materials.