Art Show

Nick Spano, Student Writer

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On Thursday, March 14 the high school will be having its first of many annual art shows. For the third year, high school students will have art displayed in the “Student Art Gallery Benefit” presented by Pier Diem on Market Street in Perkasie. This event is the smallest and most selective exhibit of all that Pennridge’s art department has to offer.

The art show will be put together by the Pennridge High School art teachers: Mrs. Moos, Mrs. DePepp, Mr. Koch, Mr. Sudac, Mrs. Troutman, and there will be a company framing certain pieces of work by students. There will be many pieces on display from many different classes. Some of the classes include drawing and painting, photography, digital design, and ceramics. However, most pieces will be featured from the AP studio art class.

Additionally, students’ pieces won’t just be on display, they will be available for purchase too. This show gives students experience in not just displaying their art pieces and being recognized for it, but also the chance to sell their pieces as well. This simple event, as well as the other art shows the school hosts, can open up many opportunities for young artists whether they see art as a hobby or a career they want to continue pursuing. Art teacher, Mrs. Moos, says, “This is a strong senior class” and that, “All students this year alone are very talented (in the arts)”. This senior class looks to hold the largest amount of art major prospects in a while. With quality artists comes quality work, and it is clear that the talent the art show will have to offer is certainly that.

This art show event is also made to act as a fundraiser for the art program at the high school and fund possible scholarships for senior students who are looking to continue their talents in art beyond high school. During the same evening as the Pier Diem exhibits, other local businesses will be supporting the fundraiser to support the program and the scholarship fund. They will be donating 10% of proceeds to the high school. Businesses include, Down to Earth Cafe, Bread Box Bakery, FROX, and the Chimayo Gallery, all located either on Market Street or on the intersecting Seventh Street.

So, mark it on your calendars to attend the art show at Pier Diem, March 14 from 6-8 p.m. on Market Street. There will be a large variety of artwork on display and for purchase. Some works will even be framed. However, if art is not of your liking, but you still want to contribute, then make it into a social event with your friends to walk around the center of Perkasie and get a bite to eat at the new location of Down to Earth Cafe or Bread Box Bakery, or shop at FROX Boutique. If you cannot make it to the art show, then stay alert for notices on further art shows such as, the high school art show and the district art show, which are both held at the high school and will also feature work framed and available for purchase.