Summer Fun on a Budget

Melissa Wilms, Journalism Student

Looking for something new and exciting to do during your free sunny days in summer, but realize that the majority of activities cost money? Not a lot of planning is required to come up with a list of inexpensive and free things to do in the summer. Many people have different activities that they do during their free time. Here some of my favorites that are inexpensive and fun.


  • Pool Day


Cool off from a hot summer day and take a dip in the pool. Do you have a pool? Gather your friends and have an epic pool party. Don’t have a pool? Find a public pool around you, like Holiday House or Menlo Pool. Admissions are no more than $15. Make a few snacks and spend the day going down the numerous amounts of slides available to you at both pools.


  • Hiking


Enjoy the beautiful scenery and take a hike. There are plenty of falls, parks, and lakes around us to go hiking. Many places that I have visited are absolutely breathtaking. People can just simply take walks on the trails. Want a more intense workout? Take your bicycle. Another attraction is Bushkill falls, it’s a great experience to see a series of eight cascading waterfalls. Bushkill is one of the biggest tourist attractions in its’ area. If you plan a day to hike, just don’t forget your water, bug spray, comfy clothes and especially the right shoes because you don’t want sore feet.



  • Beach Day


Summer is made for trips to the beach, walking along the sandy beach and working on your tan. They’re a couple of beaches that are free, like Wildwood NJ and Atlantic city have free admission and you can pack a cooler filled with snacks and bring it onto the beach, so you don’t have to spend money for food on the boardwalk. Senior, Gavin Konschak enjoys going to his shore house with his family. While enjoying the days off from school and beautiful weather Gavin goes swimming and fishing on his summer days down at the beach.


  • Concerts


Who doesn’t like to let loose and dance around to their favorite tunes? Menlo Park has free entry concerts once in a while.  The Sellersville Theater has a large variety of great bands. People can also go to the 104.5 radio station birthday show and the tickets are about $20.


  • Carnivals


Carnivals are one of the most popular events that takes place during summer. Carnivals are a great way to spend a night with your friends at a low cost. There are many carnivals that take place at fire stations locally like Dublin and Sellersville. You can play games, ride the rides, and eat great carnival food.


  • Play some sports in the park


After talking with Jordan Dittmar, Junior at Pennridge High School she works during the summer but doesn’t really have a budget with her money. She enjoys playing basketball at public parks, like Lenape, Markey park, and Drunk & Miller. You can do the same grab some friends and have a pick up game in basketball, soccer, or baseball.  It a free activity and great way to spend sometimes with your friends.


The list above shows that you don’t always need a large amount of money to have fun during the summer. There is a lot of alternatives for not spending money and still having fun.