J.T. Bankers

Ashley Groeber, Staff Writer

J.T. Bankers, founded in 1996, is a popular local restaurant in Sellersville, Pennsylvania.  The restaurant has excellent food, entertainment, and brings the community together as one. J.T. Bankers was originally founded by three bankers from Willow Grove.  The significance of the name J.T. Bankers simply stands for, “Just Three Bankers”. Tina Sabatini is the sole owner and general manager of J.T. Bankers. Not only does J.T. Bankers offer a dining room and bar area, they also have a large private area upstairs for party events. With warm weather, Bankers will open up the outdoor patio eating space for customer’s leasure.  J.T. Bankers states, “We have one goal in mind: to exceed our customers’ expectations of quality, value and fun.” Bankers is a family friendly restaurant that is very popular in the Pennridge Community.

J.T. Bankers is one of the biggest supporters of Pennridge High School events.  In January, Bankers hosted two Pennridge fundraisers. One for PHS Wrestling and one for Sellersville Elementary School.  According to their website, 10% of all sales were donated to the team and the school. This is significant to helping the Wrestling team pay for their equipment and for the Elementary School to pay for new classroom supplies.  J.T. Bankers also allowed the Pennridge Women’s Soccer Team to have their team dinner in their private room upstairs. They supplied the team with a wide variety of food to satisfy all food lovers (vegans and vegetarians). J.T. Bankers helps the community by supplying their services for multiple fundraisers.  

Bankers also appreciates all of their loyal customers, and gives back to them in multiple different ways.  During lunch, J.T. Bankers has a special program for all customers. If you buy 10 lunches, the 11th one is free.  Also, Bankers has a “Banker Bucks” Program where they give customers a $10.00 gift certificate to use during the month of their birthday.  Another service that Bankers provides is a catering service. Catering is available either out of the restaurant or in their private dining hall upstairs.  They provide beverages, appetizers, sandwich platters, dinner entrees’, and a few desserts. The only requirement for their catering service is that there is a minimum of 10 guests in the party.  J.T. Bankers appreciates their customers and tries to give back to them in different ways.

Multiple high school students express their love towards Bankers every week.  Megan McManus said, “I love Bankers. The service is really fast and everyone is nice.  I go there one to two times a month.” Megan goes to Bankers to enjoy a good sit down meal with her friends.  Vivian Labs, a senior that works at J.T. Bankers, said that she enjoys working at the local restaurant. She has worked there for a little over two years and said she appreciates her job.  Vivian stated, “The work atmosphere is very comfortable, clean, and professional. Tina Sabatini is very nice and understanding when working with high school employees.” Vivian also said that there are many regulars who come into Bankers at the same time and on the same day every week.  

J.T. Bankers is a popular local restaurant in the Pennridge community.  Friends and family go to Bankers to eat good food and enjoy time with people they love.  J.T. Bankers supports the community, gives back to their customers, and provides entertainment to their customers. Bankers is one place where all Pennridge High School students, feel like they are at home.  

Address: 309 S. Main Street, Sellersville, PA 18960