Jason Roberts, Staff Writer

When it comes to drone use many people have a range of opinions on how they should be used. For example, people feel as if police drones are a crackdown on privacy.  If you have a skylight in your house, and if the drone has a powerful camera, it can see through the skylight. Many have taken to the streets to protest the use of police using drones due to issues regarding privacy.  With the Perkasie Airport and Perkasie Police starting to adopt drones, they pose a safety issue with flying both at the same time. If a drone hits a small personal plane, it can render the plane useless or cause an emergency landing.  Public Nuisance is another reason for the argument because of noise and “Community Impact.” With drones starting to rise in popularity and social media as an outlet, the videos taken from drones can become viral before you even leave your shower.  

Drones have many uses as well with more than a camera attached. Some drones have been used for delivery shipping to a house.  Since they pose such a privacy risk, many believe they should be regulated by the federal government. Drones are more versatile than some of their manned counterparts, and some of the cameras used can take in more information than the human eye.  Jeff Robertson, a local resident of Buck County, believes that drones are not necessary for police use as there are many existing methods of surveillance that they can use. Jeff Robertson said, “They are cheaper and can be more effective than a helicopter, but when I am at home, I don’t want to worry about a drone flying around my property.”  The younger generation seems to approve of the drone use more than the older generation. Kaleb Rush, a senior at Pennridge High School, believes the drones make a police officer’s job easier and less dangerous. When asked about it Kaleb responded with “The older generation isn’t as trusting with new technology as the youth do. I have nothing to hide, so as long as it’s not flying outside my window, it’s all fine.”

With drones becoming easier and cheaper to make and buy, they are becoming more of a problem with social media as well.  Many people argue they should be cut back on technology because of how easily a video can be uploaded to the internet and all over social media. Police have to obtain a warrant to search with an unmanned aircraft or drone unless an emergency arises. They could theoretically use the emergency situation to search a property before obtaining a warrant if the situation poses a direct threat to the public or private individual.  Bedminster Police claim they will use it for accident reconstruction and not search areas. Overall, drones have become like a multi-sided debate over social media, with many on the side of regulation.