Pennridge Mini-THON 2019

Morgan Biresch, Journalism Student

Modeled after Penn State’s THON, Four Diamonds Mini-THONS are interactive events for all students to come together as a community to fight to conquer childhood cancer.  283 schools in eight states are currently involved in Mini-THONs, and Pennridge gets to be one of those schools who gets to bring hope to families and give back to this community. Just last year elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and colleges all raised over $7 million dollars for Four Diamonds.

Last year, the Pennridge community raised $62,050.83 in a matter of months. By fundraising throughout the year, allows the club to host a nine-hour dance marathon event. The club has hosted events to raise money, such as Ball For A Cause, where students could compete in a basketball or gaga tournament. Also, Mini-THON apparel, such as sweatshirts, long sleeves, and sweatpants were sold to those who registered for the event.

This nine-hour day consists of games, learning a line dance, food, dancing and singing with your peers. Students involved in the event are encouraged to stand on their feet and keep moving all day. A day like this inspires teamwork, leadership, and creativity for students.

“A day where your group of friends interacts with peers, play games and have a lot of fun for a good cause,” stated Julia Biresch, member of the Line Dance Committee. Julia has been a part of the Mini-THON team for three years. All students can be a part of this crew by just submitting an application to Mr. Brown. Bryn Fitchett, Overall Fundraiser Committee Head says, “there are several other committees that allow everyone to contribute their unique talents and skills to fundraise money each year to conquer our goal.” If you can’t be apart of the team, there are other countless ways to get involved. Every student who registers for Mini-THON is asked to raise $35 dollars on a Donor Drive account. Using this account, you can register on the Pennridge Donor Drive.  You are not required to raise this money, it is just a suggestion to further help to raise as much as we can. To get to your goal of $35 dollars, post your Donor Drive account on social media or reach out to your family willing to donate.

PHS is hosting another  Mini-THON on April 27th, 2019 with the theme being Hawaiian. The goal this year is to raise $45,000. In order to help PHS reach this goal, support the event. I strongly encourage you to get your group of friends together and experience a day filled with excitement. Especially to all the seniors, attend this event before we graduate. The event begins at 12:30 p.m. and ends at 10 p.m. Visit Mr. Brown in Room 312 with any questions or email him at [email protected] Don’t miss your chance, attend PHS Mini-THON.