Save A Life

Luke Eissler, Student Writer

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Every year, 6.5 million dogs and cats enter shelters, desperately searching for a home. 2.7 million are euthanized, simply because the shelters become more crowded and people buy their pets from breeders or mills. Adopting a pet could mean saving life, as well as adding love to your home. You will thank yourself.

Adopting an animal won’t just save one life. By adopting, you clear up space for another animal that could have been euthanized. You give him/her a chance for life. With great pride and joy, also comes a cheaper cost. Normally adopted pets come with vaccinations, spay/neuter, and sometimes even microchipping. Generally, pets coming from shelters are healthier than mills because they undergo full physicals at veterinary clinics. Ally Scarborough, who adopted two dogs, stated she would recommend adopting because  “…these animals would not have had a second chance before-hand while breed dogs have multiple buyers that would buy them.” Ally got her two adopted pitbulls from the ASPCA and a kill shelter. Victoria Patterson, who has also adopted multiple pets, stated “You get to love an animal who has potentially suffered a bad previous home life and suffered trauma. I believe animals have feelings too and understand the concept of love so to restore that in an animal is rewarding.”

One may think that pets from shelters have bad temperaments or are aggressive. False! Many of them are in shelters because their family could no longer take care of them for a variety of reasons. The older ones have most likely been house and socially trained which is a plus.

Another reason that puppy/kitten mills need to stop is that puppy/kitten mills are factory style breeding facilities that only care about their own profits. These animals are forced into terrible conditions. The moms may be stuck in cages for years giving birth to puppies and kittens, then killed when they are no longer useful. These mills literally mass produce puppies and kittens. Animals tend to be often sick or troubled due to horrendous conditions and lack of medical care These mills will continue to run if people decide to buy from them. Many pets in pet stores come from these mills, which is deceiving.

Adding a pet to your home will boost your health psychologically, emotionally, and physically. He or she will be your new best friend, and give you a reason to get off of the couch! Pet ownership has been shown to help lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and feelings of loneliness. Knowing you save multiple lives will feel even better, Victoria Patterson describes this as, “adopting gives the opportunity to restore hope in an animal allowing them to feel love again.”

My personal two adopted dogs, Jimmy and Frankie