Mesquito Grille Wing Review

Johnnie Banks, Journalism Student

Widely regarded as America’s favorite appetizer, wings are a staple in the diets of most people across the country. With thousands of combinations for different sauces and locations to try, it can be a tough choice about where to get your wings. But, one of the best restaurants for wings in this area is, hands down, Mesquito Grille on State Street in Doylestown.

As soon as you walk into the Mesquito Grille, you can tell it is a sports bar. With rugby jerseys lining the walls, you can tell that it is a place that many people will go to watch games and eat wings. The wings themselves at Mesquito Grille have won many awards over the years due to their delicious sauces and tasty meat on the wings. With twelve original flavors to choose from, the options are limitless, but can possibly be overwhelming for an inexperienced wing eater.

When our talented team of taste testers set out on Friday night, we were looking for not only the best sauce but also the overall experience of each wing to decide what the best one was. We tried four of the most popular sauces that Mesquito Grille offers: Normal, Honey BBQ, Andrew’s Spicy Garlic Parmesan, and Frankensauce, which is a combination of all twelve sauces that they have.

Right off the bat, we noticed the mouthwatering smell coming from the wings and could not wait to try them all. From the first bite, according to Ryan Bashaar, local wing enthusiast, the wing sauce had “a great consistency and the chicken was super good!” Mesquito Grille is certainly not a place for someone who wants to keep their hands clean while eating wings, as they load up each and every wing with a large amount of sauce, which makes each bite extra yummy.

To our group, there was a clear winner in our eyes. “The Frankensauce was the best,” according to Andersen Dimon, a man of very few words, but also a man with extraordinary taste in wings.

So, in conclusion, if in the future you are looking for a place to get some yummy wings, look no further than Mesquito Grille in Doylestown. Their combination of sauce and tasty meat makes an unstoppable combination of flavor in each bite. If you are having trouble picking just one sauce for your wings, choose all of the above and go with the Frankesauce option. It is the perfect way to top off your wings from Mesquito Grille.