Woodstock 50

Grace DiGirolamo, Journalism Student

In August 1969, over half a million people came to upstate New York for three days of Peace & Music: The Woodstock Music & Arts Fair. “Woodstock 1969 was a reaction by the youth of its time and the conditions we faced,” says Woodstock co-founder, Michael Lang. “We proved that it is possible to live together in harmony and with compassion…with only our best selves represented. Woodstock gave people around the world hope, which is why I think it remains relevant today.”

The original Woodstock Music & Arts Fair brought people together during a time of great social turmoil. It attracted an audience of more than 400,000 people over the course of three days. However, Woodstock was not all positive. The large amount of attendees caused a massive traffic jam. Recent rains and the excessive crowds resulted in mud slides. The facilities were not equipped to provide sanitation or satisfactory first aid for the number of people attending. Hundreds of thousands found themselves in a struggle against bad weather, food shortages, and poor sanitation. Despite all the negatives, many people look back on Woodstock fondly because of how many people from varying backgrounds were brought together.

This August, Woodstock will be celebrating the 50th Anniversary. The festival is expected to be huge. It will take place Aug. 16 -18, held at the same venue as the original in Watkins Glen, N.Y. Student, Gabby Meyers, said she is planning on attending this summer. “100% yes! I have always wished I could’ve been there when it actually happened,” she stated. “I can’t wait to experience Woodstock this summer!” This time around, Woodstock is much more equipped for the large amounts of people that are expected. According to the website, Woodstock 50 is supporting causes that represent “the issues of our times…but our call to action is timeless. Stand with us. Make a difference. Help heal the planet and the people living on it. That’s what Woodstock is all about.” Some of the artists that performed at the original Woodstock will be performing, as well as current artists like Miley Cyrus. Tickets go on sale April 22, so be sure to check out the lineup to see if you may be interested in attending!