Bubble Run

Cara Hess, Journalism Student

Bubble enthusiasts, kids at heart, and families looking for a Saturday filled with fun, this is your calling!  Skip the post-workout shower and jump in the bubbles!  On June 29th, 2019, the annual Bubble Run is coming to Talen Energy Stadium in Chester, PA.  The Bubble Run is fun for all ages, providing an energetic, positive atmosphere.  Throughout the run, bubbles line the streets of Chester, ready to be run through by participants.  But fair warning, no rubber duckies we be attending.  This race was designed to be solely for the enjoyment of those participating and athletes of all calibers.  Under this mantra, the race is not timed on a race clock and/or kept track on a racing chip, although runners may time themselves individually if they please to do so.  The course has been mapped out to reach a total of three miles, similar to the 5Ks that are popular among other racing organizations.  People can walk, jog, or run— whatever physical action encompasses that individual’s wishes.

But I know what you all are thinking, What is in it for me?  Why should I leave my home to run a race?  Believe me, I’ve been there— where the thought of sitting on the couch and making the short walk to my refrigerator as the only exercise for the day seems euphoric.  But instead of sitting in front of the television binging potato chips, the Bubble Run is prepared to make a better use of your time.  Not only is it a great excuse to get outside with friends on a beautiful summer day, but it also has a deeper purpose.  The Bubble Run donates a portion of its proceeds to local charities in the area.  Unfortunately, since it is still early, the organization has not specified to what programs it will be donating yet.  Despite this, participants can still feel at ease knowing that their money is helping to change the community for the better!  “It seems like such a fun thing to do and for a great cause too!”, Hannah Cook commented on the event.  By purchasing a Bubble Run ticket for forty dollars, consumers will receive a package including a Bubble Run T-Shirt, temporary tattoo, race bib number, and medal.  Senior Kaylee Schmidt provided her opinion as well, stating, “I am so excited!  I ran the color run previously but bubbles seem like a cool thing to do instead!”  Children of or under the age of four years may participate for free and furry friends with four legs are politely asked to stay at home.  Additional merchandise is also available on the website, www.bubblerun.com, for purchase.