A&N or R&S Diner

April 24, 2019

A&N is a family restaurant favored by everyone in the community. The diner is open from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays and opened 24 hours Friday and Saturday. They serve breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and late-night food. Right down the road is another popular, community loved restaurant, R&S Keystone. This American diner serves comfort food for a quick bite. Their normal hours are from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. They serve mainly the same foods as A&N. So, what differs between the two?

In order to answer this question, we compared these two diners in our area, we decided to go to both for breakfast. First, we went to R & S Keystone Diner located on Bethlehem Pike in Telford. The atmosphere on a Tuesday morning was calm and it was not busy, except the observed regular customers. The local diners are swarmed with elderly regulars. This was apparent at both restaurants we visited. At Keystone, we split a meal consisting of two pancakes, two eggs, and four strips of bacon. Including a choice of juice or milk and coffee, the meal cost was $12.50. The prices at Keystone are very reasonable. You get a big quantity of food for great quality. When talking to a waitress, she stated “the most popular meal is two eggs and toast for only two dollars. With coffee, the price comes out to around four dollars.” This is an amazing price for a quick weekday or weekend breakfast if you are on a time limit. On the weekends, the waitress said, “sometimes there is a Sunday wait, but not usually.” This would be a great spot if, on a Sunday, if you want to get right in and eat. According to our waitress, her favorite breakfast food from Keystone is “either the baked oatmeal or French toast.”

To travel from Keystone diner to A&N was a two-minute drive right into Sellersville. Similar to the atmosphere at Keystone, it was calm and consisted just of regulars. We decided to share a similar meal as we did at Keystone, but a smaller portion. For one pancake, one egg, two strips of bacon and two pieces of toast, the cost was $5.25. Although a Tuesday morning was not busy, all attendees of A&N know that a weekend breakfast time is busy. The A&N waitress stated, “The waitresses do well on Sundays, all depending on the church times.” According to the waitress, “the most popular meal during the week is eggs and on weekends is pancakes,” and her favorite breakfast food is stuffed French toast or sticky buns. Both of those breakfast options will cure your sweet tooth instantly.

When we compared both diners, the pancakes at A&N were fluffier and sweeter than Keystone. Although the pancakes were better, Keystone had crispier bacon and better-tasting eggs. Both menus contained a vast variety of breakfast options. Since the taste of food, atmosphere, and menu options are very similar, it is tough to choose which is better. Due to that, I recommend going to both diners and trying it for yourself.

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