The Perfect Promposal

April 26, 2019

Prom has already past for the juniors at Pennridge; it is quickly approaching for the seniors. Prom is the most magical night of our high school career; the perfect promposal is a must. A promposal is an elaborately staged request to be someone’s date to prom. The American tradition is that the guy usually asks the girl, recently traditions have changed. There is now an equal balance of who asks whom. Many people use clever puns and jokes along with their date’s favorite candies, flowers, or food. Intricate posters are commonly used to convey the message as well.


Believe it or not through, promposals are not a new phenomenon, they have been around since before they were all over the internet. It may surprise people who feel like they have only heard the term in the past couple of years, with the connection of  social media. Before Instagram and snapchat, people would ask out their dates with singing songs, putting out rose petals, or doing extravagant things all for their prom date. The first prevalent promposal was in the newspaper circa 2001. Shortly after the first, the promposal became mainstream around 2002 – 2005.


With the popularity of social media, pictures are usually taken of the promposal to share with others. There are also a bunch of social media accounts and groups dedicated to posting popular promposals. Some on the top promposals include elaborate plans that include their date’s interests.















To see the two sides of setting up a proposal and receiving one, Pennridge students were interviewed and asked a variety of questions concerning promposals. Couple, Ashley Pyne and Mike Mastropaolo, commented on their recent promposal. Ashley was surprised by Mike’s promposal and said that, “It was really cute and thoughtful! It was more special because it was only between us”. According to Ashley, Mike was driving Ashley home after dinner and he said, “Oh no! I can’t drive…my window is dirty”. Ashley turned around and the back window of his car that was covered in bright sticky notes, with “PROM?” written on them. Mike commented on the promposal saying, “I think I had it planned out pretty well, she wasn’t expecting it all which was all part of my plan.” According to the couple, they had the perfect promposal.


Overall, it does not matter whether a person asks in an extravagant way or in a simple way. Yet, nowadays promposals are more prevalent than ever especially with the rise of social media! I Hope everyone has their own perfectly planned promposal, especially with senior prom approaching quickly.

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