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Rachel Madden, Staff Writer

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Summer is right around the corner. Summer for most of us means warmth, sun, the beach, friends, and ice cream! Lines go out the door at some of the most popular ice cream shops around our local area. What kind of ice cream do you enjoy? Is there a particular spot you and your friends like to visit when you’re in the mood for ice cream? Each ice cream place has its own unique touch from 68 different flavors to ice cream on top of waffles! Nothing tops a summer off than a nice ice cream cone on a warm, sunny day.



First, we have one of the most popular spots right in Sellersville. When the days get warmer, the line gets longer to get some of their delicious water ice and ice cream. Koolicks is known for its 40 water ice flavors. Molly Groff, a senior at Pennridge High School, said, “Cappuccino Chocolate Chip is my favorite because no other place has water ice that flavor.” They are also known for their 70 hand-dipped flavors, and 20 plus soft serve ice cream flavors. They serve many different kinds of sundaes and “Shakers”, comparable to “Blizzards” at Dairy Queen, which is ice cream mixed with any candy or flavoring you’d like. Come to Koolicks this summer for an enjoyable ice cream treat served in a big portion for a low price!

Sundae School

Another popular ice cream shop nearby is the amazing Sundae School. This ice cream place has been around for many years and is very popular for their sundaes. It will be the tenth anniversary of their “Peanut Butter Blaster” which is known to be their most famous sundae. Lines stay long on hot summer nights as customers wait to choose from their 68 different hand-dipped flavors. They also serve delicious milkshakes with any flavor choice. Even though it can be somewhat pricey, it is worth the line and the money! Make a stop to Sundae School this summer for a delicious treat!

Nina’s Waffles

Have you ever been to Doylestown? If you are walking through Doylestown, please do not forget to stop at Nina’s Waffles. You will not regret it! They are known for their creamy ice cream they make themselves, put on top of a crispy, sweet waffle. Along with waffles and ice cream, you can get a bowl, milkshake, and they even have specialty desserts sold at the register. Nina’s is a very popular ice cream shop that caters events and parties as well. The prices are reasonable, and if you’re ever with a group of friends walking around Doylestown make a pit stop for delicious ice cream on top of a crispy waffle!


Have you ever been to Owowcow? If not, you are seriously missing out. They are known for their homemade, natural ice cream with a variety of different flavors. On top of a closeby location in Ottsville, they opened up a new location in Chalfont as well. Lines were wrapping around the building on the first week of their opening, because of their rich delicious ice cream. They have many different flavors varying upon the season. With any of the flavors, you are able to make a milkshake or a sundae. A cool flavor they have on their menu is Worms and Dirt ice cream, which is very popular at their new location. This ice cream shop is one of the most delicious even though it’s a bit pricey.

Inside Scoop

Inside Scoop was voted to be the best ice cream place in Lehigh Valley in the past 5 years. They are known for 38 different hand-dipped flavors along with delicious cakes as well. Maddie Reim, a senior at Pennridge High School, was asked what her favorite ice cream place in Bucks County is and she replied: “Inside Scoop. It’s a bit further but it’s worth it.” They are also known for giving big portions as well so if you are making the drive you are definitely going to get what you pay for! Maybe Inside Scoop will be the place for you this summer!


As summer approaches, we aren’t only excited for the end of school but for some summer fun and ice cream trips! Any of these places are amazing choices and they all have different things to offer. So on a hot summer day if you and your friends or family are bored and want a nice cool treat, come visit any of these ice cream shops and I can promise you will be happy with it! They all have wonderful variety and options to choose from.