Secret Teacher Feature #3

Miranda Hoch, Student Writer

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April-May Secret Teacher Feature

By: Miranda Hoch

Every student has their favorite teachers. Students take the year to get to know them, as the teachers try to get to know the students, but how well do you know your teacher outside of the classroom? Time to put your knowledge to the test in this month’s secret teacher competition!

This outgoing, caring, and fun teacher has known his/her entire life that he/she was meant to be a teacher. When asked what other job he/she would have if he/she couldn’t teach he/she responded with “I hate to be that person, but a teacher was always my dream.” but says he/she can not wait to be a parent. This teacher was not always lucky enough to have the job of their dreams. “My first job was as a cashier at Genardis. I hated it” which probably helped contribute to him/her only aspiring for one job.

He/she was inspired to become a teacher because of a bad experience when he/she was younger: “I had a horrible 6th-grade teacher. She was very mean and never supported me. I told myself that I wanted to become a teacher so that no student ever had to have a teacher that didn’t support their students”. His/her teaching style makes him/her perfect for the job.

When asked to describe it him/herself, this teacher said “I think my personality really comes out in my teaching…I feel its best when students get to know their teacher and can build a rapport with them.” Sounds like the perfect outlook for this article. It is easy for this teacher to build rapport because of how relatable he/she is. “I like to think I was a nerd/jock. I loved playing sports, but I also worked my butt off in school. I had many different groups of friends. I was shy,but very social at the same time, went to all the sporting events but also liked being involved in arts”. No matter what your personality, he/she can definitely relate to you, and offer any guidance, or support you might need or want.

This teacher loves to spend his/her time outside: “The beach is where I spend my summers. I also love to hike and bike or kayak. Anything that involves sunshine and water; I am all over!”. His/her love for the outdoors carries over to many parts of this teacher’s life. When he/she was eight, this teacher wanted to make a bird feeder. Unfortunately, his/her mom was busy and couldn’t help. He/she took matters into his/her own hands. He/she took a big soda bottle and a pocket knife in order to make a hole in the bottle. “I of course missed and cut my hand and had to be taken to the hospital to get stitches. My mom was not happy”. His/her favorite childhood memory also relates to the outdoors. “I will always remember we went camping as a family every summer. We went all up and down the east coast. At the time, I wasn’t the biggest fan but now looking back, I am so happy my family got to spend that time together.”

This teacher’s favorite motto is “It is what it is. Don’t make excuses, but instead figure out the problem and get to the solution”. Sounds like some good advice to pass along to your students. Keep that in mind in this next month as the school year dwindles to an end.

Quick Facts- Simple Favorites

Q: Do you have a hidden or unusual talent? if so what?

A: “I make a mean banana bread”

Q: If you could vacation anywhere, where would you go and why?

A: “Europe- I have been to some places in Europe but I want to go to Spain, France, Greece, Italy. Just all over”

Q: What is your favorite and least favorite season?

A: “Favorite: Summer, not because we are all off but because I love the beach. Least favorite: Winter, I like it but I hate snow days.”

Q: What is your favorite and least favorite genre of music?

A: “Favorite: I love country with the windows down on a beautiful day. Least favorite: Techno- hate. I don’t get it. Too many lights and ugh just too much.”

Q: What is your favorite and least favorite Holiday?

A: “Favorite holiday: Labor Day. Least favorite: Do people not like holidays?.”

Q: What is your favorite and least favorite color?

A: “Favorite: yellow. Least favorite: purple.”

Q: What is your favorite and least favorite sport?

A: “Favorite: I would say soccer. Least favorite: Golf, it puts me to sleep.”

Think you know who the secret teacher is? Fill out the ballot Each student has one guess and each entry will be time-stamped down to the second in order to make sure the first person who guesses correctly wins. The first person to identify the secret teacher correct will be given a 20 dollar Rita’s gift card delivered to their ninth period class! Good luck guessing!