High School Memories to Walk Away With

Avery Meiners, Journalism Student

There are only a few weeks left in the year for our 2019 senior class. Students have been discussing senior week, graduation parties, and their expectations for college. Everyone is so focused on the future, but it’s important that we reminisce on the ‘good ole days’.

Looking back on the memories in high school, one outstanding one for Jordan Ruth and I expect for most of our school; was in her words, “cheering at the boys basketball state championship in Hershey. The energy was CRAZY and it was fun!” We had at least double the fan section than the competing team; Kennedy Catholic, and the game was set to be a match of David against Goliath. Our boys stayed with their (all around the world recruited) team, up until double overtime! That was not only a memorable game but an overall memorable moment.

Rather than a memory the entire school shares, Lauren Harries holds on to backstage memories during the musical for, “that is where everything fun happens between the cast. Lily this year got a big Hula Hoop and at one point we put like six people in it before falling over and laughing.”

Casie Csondor holds onto memories throughout her four years of ski club and the optional trips by stating, “I will never forget going to Colorado and California, the big west trips!” Inside the classroom, many lessons and remarks are shared with students that they’ll be able to use and take away, or maybe in Sayde Vanetten’s eyes, laugh about looking back. When asked for a moment she’ll never forget she responded, “J Brad setting my AP environmental class on fire by trying to heat up vegan cookie dough in the microwave to “cook it”. That or Andres jumping into the pond.”

As for me, it’s hard to sort through all of the many experiences I have encountered and partaken in throughout these past four years. I still remember sitting in the auditorium freshman year hearing, “Trust me, High School flies by” from our class principal Mr.Ott. Let me tell you, tying myself to a desk, sliding down the stairs on a lunch tray, crowd surfing at a football game, changing outfits in the middle of class, the annual Mini-thon, being nominated as captain of the lacrosse team, and getting jumped in a game of jackal, have FLOWN by. Although those are some worthy memories, nothing will beat the memories made through GAPP (German American Partnership Program). Being able to host a foreign exchange student here at Pennridge and then go live in Nuremberg, Germany with them during the summer, was an experience of a lifetime. I am forever grateful for the memories I will be walking away with from High School.