Apple Watch vs. Fitbit

Ashley Groeber, Staff Writer

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With recent fitness and wellness trends increasing in 2019, more individuals are purchasing watches to track their physical activity.  Apple Watches and Fitbits are popular pieces of technology that allows an individual to track their activity throughout the day. These two watches are designed to help people stay connected, active, and motivated throughout each day.  Apple Watches and Fitbits encourage individuals to be physically fit and meet their goals.

Apple Watch has had significant growth since the launch of the Series 2 Apple Watch.  The Series 3 Watch has new features that improve functionality. This cellular watch costs $399 and it allows individuals to make and receive phone calls and text messages, no matter how far away you are from your iPhone. By answering phone calls/text messages through the watch, it helps individuals answer important phone calls and texts, even when their iPhone is dead. The watch also offers new styles and bands, which creates individuality by introducing a variety of band options and Apple Watch case styles.  The biggest feature that makes this watch unique is that it is a cellular device that allows the user to answer phone calls and send text messages without needing your iPhone. Apple has created a Series 3 and a Series 4 Watch to meet their customer’s needs. The Apple Watch allows people to stay active, fit and connected to their friends.

The Fitbit Versa features a style that resembles the Apple Watch.  This watch costs $200 which makes it cheaper than the Apple Watches on the market today.  The Versa has a variety of features that are different and unique from the Apple Watch. The watch has a heart rate, fitness, sleep tracker, and has a four plus day of battery life.  The watch also shows app, music, and notifications from your phone. Even though the Versa mirrors notifications from your phone, it does not allow you to respond back to those messages, unlike the Apple Watch.  The Vera also allows the user to change their band straps to customize the look. The Versa can act as a personal trainer with the Coach app that comes with a few basic workouts for $40 a year (for unlimited access).  It shows you the moves right on your wrist and being able to have a guided training session in your living room is a game changer if you’re tight on time. The Versa also includes a female health-tracking feature. This allows females to log their last period on the Fitbit app and it predicts your next fertile window.  The Fitbit app is better than the Apple Watch at translating heart-rate readings into useful information. For example, the watch is able to tell you if you were in a fat-burning, cardio, or peak zone during a workout. Rachel Madden, a student at Pennridge High School, uses a fitbit for her workouts. Rachel stated, “I like my Fitbit because it tells me how many calories I burn.”  Jordan Grober also uses a Fitbit on a daily basis. She stated, “I use my Fitbit to track my exercise and heart rate. I prefer Fitbits over Apple Watches because they are less expensive.” Fitbit watches are critical for people who want to track their fitness progress and they are available for purchase at a reasonable price.

Overall, both the Apple Watch Series 3 and the Fitbit Versa are great ways to track fitness activity.  Picking the watch that is best for you may be a challenge, but each watch is unique and has different features than other watches.  If you are interested in purchasing one of these watches, you have to pick the watch that is best for you and what suits your own personal needs.  No matter if you get an Apple Watch or a Fitbit, both of these watches will help track physical activity and help you stay connected throughout each day.