How to Get Through Quarantine

The corona virus outbreak has forced workers, students and everyone to stay in their homes and to keep away from anyone else to prevent the virus from spreading. Families all around the world are stuck in quarantine and are most likely having trouble adapting to life without so many things they enjoy. Since there is no school, teachers can’t see their colleagues or students. Students can’t see their friends in school or at their job. It’s just a hard time for everyone, but everyone will get though this together. The main question is, how to get through quarantine? What is there to do when so many things are taken away from you. Of course there is the school work that keeps the students and teachers busy, but what is there to do next? By this time after being with your family and loved ones for so long, you are definitely annoyed with each other at this point. Some things to do in this time of isolation are board games, card games, watching movies/TV shows, playing video games, cooking, exercising, reading and there are many more. The most important thing is being close with your loved ones and staying clean and healthy at a time like this. During a pandemic everyone seems to get paranoid about whether or not to do something. Especially in the world of social media, there are posts out there everywhere discussing all the harms of the virus and how bad it is. Things like this just worry people and don’t give them the right direction. The only way to get through this together is believing a good will come out of this. Nothing seems to be going right as of now, but what is important to do is live your life the best you can live it right now. There isn’t much to do, but you can develop skills you didn’t have before in a time like this. Being safe and healthy is the number one thing that is going to help everyone get through this time of isolation.