Ways to Relieve Stress During Quarantine

With the recent news of the COVID-19 outbreak, many people are feeling the pressure and stress of staying safe, while also feeling frustrated by staying home, missing friends, and for many seniors feeling upset about the news of Pennslyvania schools being shut-down. While there are so many upsetting things going on, and while stress is very present in many people’s lives, there are many ways to relieve stress.

One way I relieve stress is by talking to my friends through apps like Zoom, and Facetime, and by spending time with my family. I cannot stress the importance of staying home, it could greatly affect how the virus plays out, so stay home! For many people, they miss out on seeing friends, extended family, and many students miss their teachers. My best advice is to message these people. Tell them how you feel, talk about the positives. Email teachers because they are always available, tell them how you feel, or even with struggling with schoolwork. One thing I am grateful for is my family. We are all together, and we get to spend so much time together, and we are having fun watching movies, our favorite shows, etc. Communication done safely is one of the best things during this time because it relieves so much stress when people feel isolated.

One great tip is if there is something, a skill, you want to learn, right now is the perfect time to do it. I have been learning ukulele, and while I am not the best at it, I love playing it. I am getting better, and I get distracted for a very long time. I am improving on a skill, and I love doing it so I feel really positive while doing it. Take up skills like baking, beating a video game, maybe you have a goal on exercising, right now is the perfect time to accomplish it, and when you are doing something you love, you feel happier.

We are in uncertain times right now, but this doesn’t mean you have to feel stuck. Find something that makes you happy and do it. Talk to friends, via video-chatting apps, and please stay home. Be grateful for family, and spend as much time with them doing things you love. In the stress we all experience right now, we will get through this, and we will all be stronger people for it.