Who Do I Believe Now?

When will the day officially come where the world will go back to normal? This quarantine life is not what we had in store for our 2020 year. Our senior year: graduation, awards, prom, it is all now possibly gone. Car parades for graduation?

What about the essential workers who are risking their lives? I am a Certified Nurse Aide at a nursing home, and it is breaking my heart that these residents with memory impairments are being frightened because they cannot see our faces. The masks that are covering our faces are scaring them. No matter what type of mask you wear, or how many times you change your gloves in a day.

The pain we are all feeling is mutual. Being part of an essential workforce is all fun and games, until a pandemic occurs, and that’s when exhaustion sets in. The bleeding ears, dry hands, heart aches because families can’t visit their loved ones. There is nothing more that we all want than the world to go back to normal.

Until that day comes, thank an essential worker and stay home. We’ll all get through it together.