How Journalism has improved my writing

Journalism has been a great learning experience. I think the work we did was beneficial to my own writing and improved my overall writing ability. This is not a normal class that you can just slack off in.  Journalism honors has been compared to a college level class and I cannot agree more. 

Being an honors-level writer means more work and pushing yourself in class and outside of school. I feel my ability to write and come up with comprehensive responses has improved dramatically. Using tools such as writing templates and jotting down ideas helped with my focus while writing. I would say before taking this class, I would write well but on a tangent. My writing and my ideas were all over the place. I had so many ideas running loose in my head and writing them down in a thoughtful way was a struggle. But I toned that down though utilizing the lessons I learned during this course.

Since I will be attending West Chester University next year, I will need to keep the skills I learned in high-school with me. When I was completing my course selection, I made to sure to take high level writing courses to continue my growth in that area. I want to major in international business and having a comprehensive idea of writing and journalism will help me write emails, create resumes, and so much more. 

What is crazy to me is how quickly I feel I can write an essay or anything else of that matter. Once I get started typing, I just keep going. Of course I cannot skip the dirty work. I still need to self review, edit, and make sure what I write represents me in a positive way. Taking Honors Journalism  has helped me in so many ways. So overall, I am glad I stuck in there and never took the easy class for the easy A.