The Effect COVID-19 has on Movie Theaters

As we all know COVID has affected everyone by now in some way. It has affected us all in different ways throughout the past year, some more than others. The biggest thing that Covid has affected is the public’s freedom to go out and do what they want like they used to. Everything now has a capacity limit or is closed. 

One of the bigger things that have been shut down on and off through the pandemic is movie theaters. Currently, in Pennsylvania, theaters are open as long as they stay at 15 percent or under capacity, follow social distancing, and all precautions. The workers there have to be knowledgeable of the symptoms of COVID so they can catch anyone going in that could have it. Not only that, but the workers go into each theater and wipe everything down after every movie so that if someone were to have COVID, it doesn’t spread. Our state seemed to take a lot more of a precaution than others though when it comes to Covid safety because when you look at Texas and California they limit their capacity to 50 percent or more. 

A lot of people don’t like the idea of going to the movies during this pandemic. Others don’t mind and go out and have fun anyway. For example, Gabe Kerzmann said “I want to go see the new Tom and Jerry movie and I would feel safe doing so.”. A lot of people are giving up on staying quarantined and started going out to see movies with friends and family. Other than that, the people that don’t feel too safe are also starting to go back out because in movie theaters there is hand sanitizer in every accessible spot. Then there are still the mask mandates and no communal items like soda machines and condiments. Mrs. Godshall normally takes her film class on a field trip to go see a movie and after asking if she was taking her class again this year she responded, “Not this year!”. So even with all of the protection and guidelines, there are just some people that still don’t feel safe. 

So, with the re-opening of the movie theaters, some people are taking as many opportunities to get out of the house while others are staying safe at home and waiting it out. Hopefully, a time will come where there won’t have to be any restrictions, and everyone can go out and enjoy themselves normally.