Behind the Scenes of the Daily Ramble

Tori Patterson, Staff Writer

The Daily Ramble is a great production produced by one of Pennridge’s teachers, Mr. Friedman.  Students are able to display their talents of speaking and presenting information in front of a camera for the whole school to see.  Though they make it look easy, after talking to a few students, a lot more takes place than reading some lines.

The students who are enrolled in The Daily Ramble stated how difficult it was to memorize most of their lines.  A lot goes into creating a new episode each week.  With the new technology Mr. Friedman has invested in, it makes cuts a bit easier, especially when one messes up.  Prior to these past two years most of the ramble information was done in one take, meaning if one person messes up, the whole segment had to be re-filmed.  With a whole room dedicated to filming and editing, it makes cutting the mess-ups a bit easier.  Part of the frustration goes to not being able to edit out when they stutter or mess a word up in the middle of a sentence.  When that occurs, they have to be able to shake it off and quickly find their next line and continue the presentation.  It was said that when one of them messes up a line that can “throw their game off”, it can make their next few lines a bit shaky because they want everything else to be perfect.  Reading a teleprompter is not at all easy and huge props go out to the students who can read them efficiently and make it look easy.

The Daily Ramble is a show we watch every day where students can engage in what is happening in our school.  What some students see as just part of the class morning routine, to watch an episode, don’t truly understand how much work, time, and effort is put into each segment.  Requiring the capability to read quickly and talk slowly, have good communication skills, to remain engaged and hold a good posture, The Daily Ramble is one of Pennridge’s finest productions.