How to Travel Los Angeles the Right Way

Ashley Kassa, Student Writer

February 21, 2020

 It comes as no surprise to those who have already visited Los Angeles, that the city brought in a staggering 50 million visitors in 2018 alone. Isabella Poole, an 18-year-old, who visited the vibrant city said, “It doesn...

How to Choose the Correct Hot Sauce for your Meal

Elias Kenworthy, Student Writer

February 21, 2020

Hot sauce is undoubtedly the perfect condiment. You can put hot sauce on pretty much everything and it is a low-fat food,  making it hard to argue that there is a better condiment. The big question on everyone’s mind should be:...

How to Introduce Your Dog to Another Canine

Sophia Hockman, Student Writer

February 20, 2020

When introducing two dogs to each other, it can get a little hectic. Things can get quickly out of hand if you don’t follow these basic tips and precautions. First impressions are huge for any kind of dog, so the first few interactio...

Safe Driving Will Save Your Life

Alex Lippmann, Journalism Student

April 26, 2019

In the U.S over 37,000 people die in road crashes each year. Safe driving could save so many people's lives so why don’t we do it? Teenagers take their life for granted when they get into a car and choose to drive unsafely....

Mesquito Grille Wing Review

Johnnie Banks, Journalism Student

April 5, 2019

Widely regarded as America’s favorite appetizer, wings are a staple in the diets of most people across the country. With thousands of combinations for different sauces and locations to try, it can be a tough choice about whe...

SAT Prep Guide: Why We Should Prepare?

Cam Daly, Staff Writer

March 12, 2019

The SAT is a standardized test that was designed as a college entrance exam. A student’s SAT score, GPA, extracurriculars, along with other factors, are tools colleges use when deciding a student’s admission. The test was...

How to Get The Job Done in the Offseason

Sarah Williams, Journalism Student

February 2, 2019

Bikini season is long gone, and wintry weather has fallen upon us. Every winter after high school soccer season ends, I have struggled to stay in shape and find motivation to work out in the offseason. Many will agree that it...

Mental Health: Seek the Help You Need

Kiley Watson, Journalism Student

February 2, 2019

Mental health disorders are problems that are becoming more prevalent over time. For everyone in five students, one will have some type of mental illness. Therefore, if you teach or participate in a classroom with 25 students,...

How To Thrive in High School

Ashley Pyne, Staff Writer

February 1, 2019

Want to survive the next four years? By following these five simple steps you won’t only survive, you will thrive. These can apply to anyone from Freshman to Seniors. It’s going to be tough, but everyone gets through it. You...

How To Survive High School

Zahraa Munshi, Staff Writer

February 1, 2019

High School can be very intimidating, exciting and stressful. High School is all about finding yourself, meeting new people, stepping outside of your comfort zone and figuring out what you want to do for the rest of your life....

Attend the Naval Academy

Sean Yoder, Staff Writer

December 18, 2018

As a senior in high school, it can be extremely difficult to know what you want to do in the future.  Deciding on a school can be one of the harder decisions you make as a teenager, but one stands out from the rest.  Attending...

When’s the Right Time to Start Wearing Your Winter Apparel?

India Kettle

December 17, 2018

  Although every year is different when it comes to the temperature, it seems mid-October is when the warm weather ceases to exist and the chilly weather begins. At some point the temperature drops low, and everyone has...