Secret Teacher Feature #3

Miranda Hoch, Student Writer

May 7, 2019

April-May Secret Teacher Feature By: Miranda Hoch Every student has their favorite teachers. Students take the year to get to know them, as the teachers try to get to know the students, but how well do you know your teacher...

Great Gifts for Mom for Mother’s Day

Bethany Fluck, Staff Writer

May 6, 2019

Mother's day is a beautiful day to recognize moms, both biological and adoptive, for all the hard work they do. Despite the love you may have for your mom, your mother's day gift might not do justice for the appreciation you have f...

Start Your Morning off on the Right Foot

Kiley Watson, Staff Writer

May 6, 2019

  How you start the beginning of the day will dictate how the rest of your day will play out. Constructing a solid morning routine will prepare you for your A-game every day! You might be like some people who like to ma...

Road to a Productive Summer

Nicolette Harrison, Staff Writer

May 2, 2019

The best way to have a good summer is by being productive. Although, the realization of an empty schedule can push us into a stage of laziness, unproductivity, and ultimate relaxation. Not to say you can’t relax because that is a big requirement in summer but, let’s...

Why You Should Travel Internationally

Victoria Paterson, Staff Writer

May 2, 2019

International travel is something not all get to experience, but if given the opportunity, you should definitely take advantage of it. With summer slowly approaching and the weather getting warmer, people are starting to plan tri...

“We’re in the Endgame now”

May 2, 2019

 April 26th, 2019; the biggest movie of the year so far was released to the box office. In all my life, I have never seen or heard of a movie as big as this one. Everyone was talking about Endgame, and was excited for it. Ten yea...

Cars: Is Your Car Safe Enough?

Jenna Lund, Staff Writer

May 2, 2019

At sixteen, teenagers have the opportunity to take their permit test. This means young teenagers are risking their lives on the road everyday. As a parent, do you want your children on the road with a car that is not safe? The...

Cinco De Mayo

Johnnie Banks, Staff Writer

May 2, 2019

Every year on the 5th of May, a holiday known as Cinco de Mayo is celebrated. It originated as a Mexican holiday where they would commemorate the victory of the Mexican Army over the strong French at the battle of Puebla in 1862....

Lake Wallenpaupack

Ashley Groeber, Staff Writer

May 2, 2019

Do you ever get tired of seeing the same scenery in the summer?  Have you ever wanted to try out different local vacation spots? When you are considering the next vacation for you and your family, consider taking a vacation at L...

Mr. Pennridge

Nicholas Spano

April 29, 2019

Mr.Pennridge is a comedic male beauty pageant held at Pennridge High School every few years.  This year the program was run as a benefit to the Pennridge life skills program, with all proceeds going to the group. Tickets wer...

Coming to Pennridge: Mural Day

Olivia Pena, Student Writer

April 29, 2019

This year, Pennridge High School is hosting its first-ever Mural Day. Soon, the walls of Pennridge High School will be painted with colorful, vibrant flowers as a part of the Ten Thousand Flowers Project. Created by artist and ...

Safe Driving Will Save Your Life

Alex Lippmann, Journalism Student

April 26, 2019

In the U.S over 37,000 people die in road crashes each year. Safe driving could save so many people's lives so why don’t we do it? Teenagers take their life for granted when they get into a car and choose to drive unsafely....