The future of renewable energy sources

Christiana Thatcher, Staff Writer

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Despite popular opinion, the environment is equally as important as our economy is for the future. If the environment does not become our first priority as Sabrina Bates, an environmental science teacher at Pennridge High School, says “in the long-term many economies will suffer.” There is so much we can do as a country, world, and even a community. Currently, there are other countries that are actively creating plans for installation to reach one hundred percent renewable energy sources. It seems impossible to create a one hundred percent infrastructure, but in small increments, it will be successful. It was mentioned how as a community we could do something about this. At Pennridge, some of this is incorporated as the lights are maintained during off hours.  


There is still more we can do to work toward the goal of renewable energy sources. The heating and cooling system could use some work due to the uneven temperatures around the school. If more energy sources are incorporated as mentioned before, we would be making a huge environmental difference. While this would be pricey, it would be worth considering. Jason Plawa, a science teacher at the high school, commented on the issue. “If enough people feel strongly about it and we increase people’s awareness and education, then change can happen faster,” he mentioned while providing his insight on the issue. With this integration, harmful pollutants released in the environment would be eliminated. It would also become less maintenance compared to the traditional methods that are used. It is important that steps are taken because of this pressing issue.


Implementing the use of more renewable energy will lead to a much cleaner and healthier way of living. Starting small in the community has the ability to have an everlasting positive impact on the world around us and the generations to come.