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A nice picture from the New York Times demonstrating how mindfulness can lead to a life with more peace.

Mindfulness Tactics

Lilly Huckerby, Annabelle Sharp, and Leah Malone May 31, 2022

Stress and overthinking have become a huge part of people's everyday lives, but it doesn’t have to be this way. People don’t always need to have an answer to every feeling or situation. Life doesn’t...

Popular Skin Care Products

The Overlapping of Self-Care

Caroline Montgomery and Zarin Zaman May 31, 2022

Having a self-care routine is crucial to an individual's health. The World Health Organization defines self-care as: "the ability of individuals, families, and communities to promote health, prevent disease,...

Izzy who was adopted from the Bucks County SPCA

Adopt Don’t Shop: Thousands of Lives Are At Stake

Shreya Tripathi and Noah Wolf May 31, 2022

Bringing a dog into your family can feel like a new family member, but there are also many issues that go on behind the scenes. Throughout history, dogs have been our loyal companions that have been treated...

Strengthening muscles for golf

Riley Kodidek and Jude D'Agostino May 31, 2022

Golf is a great sport for all ages. It’s relaxing to play on your own, and fun to compete with friends! For maximum force output, your swing should be swift and sturdy, and when close to the hole, accuracy...

The Truth Behind Having “Good” Health

Landon Herbst and Catelyn Thrush May 31, 2022

You see questions all the time when taking surveys in a doctor’s office asking how you would describe your health. You then realize that it’s not an easy topic to answer. That’s when you start to...

Some of the colleges that students have already committed to

The Transition Into College Life

Hannah Laincz and Josephina Mason May 11, 2022

While the stress of high school is ending, say hello to the stress of college. Granted, while we do have the summer to chill and relax, preparing for college takes different tolls on your mental and physical...

October 9, 2020, protesters march for the closure of Provo Canyon School in Utah (photo courtesy The Salt Lake Tribune)

Stop Institutional Child Abuse

Brenna Broadbent, Student Writer May 4, 2022

As you drive in, dust blows into your eyes. By the time you’ve cleared them, the car has stopped. To your left is a horse pen, the right, a line of porta-potties, and in front of you is a long trailer....

Number 1 is cake and the rest are real cups. This cake was made by Andrew Fuller in Episode 5.

“Is It Cake?”: Baking Mediocrity

Chris Maguire, Student Writer May 3, 2022

“Is It Cake?” is an interesting concept that struggles to sustain interest past a few episodes, which ultimately leads it to be a poor viewing experience. The Netflix show is a competitive baking show...

Luke Thomas, Trainer at Revolve Fitness

Come Meet your Fitness Goals at Revolve Fitness!

Hannah Trautner, Student Writer May 3, 2022

There are many gyms out there. Looking for one can be intimidating, especially today with how popular going to the gym is. People wanting to build confidence and be healthy is great, but with it almost...

Correlation between school and students’ mental health

Zoe Ziegenfuss, Student Writer May 2, 2022

The immense stress that school can cause for students is a well-researched topic amongst scholars, yet very few schools take it seriously. Luckily, this stigma has been on a rapid decline. Through organizations...

Morbius: The Worst Movie In The MCU

Riley Kodidek, Student Writer April 19, 2022

Marvel is known for making fantastic movies for people’s entertainment. It’s very rare for them to make a movie that their fans don’t enjoy, but when it comes to Morbius, the list of good things...

Amazon prime truck stops in a neighborhood to make some deliveries.

Amazon: Your Virtual Superstore

Natalie Yilanjian, Student Writer April 19, 2022

Amazon is a popular place to purchase things such as electronics and household items. Recently it has been a more popular place to shop for things like clothing items and accessories like jewelry and sunglasses....

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