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The Cost Of Beauty

Avery Stewart
Avery Stewart’s Makeup Vanity

The end of the school year is near, which means all the big events are quickly approaching. These events consist of prom, graduation, senior walk, family parties, and more. An essential part of looking your best may involve makeup, which can get quite pricey. It is important to know cheaper alternatives so you can accomplish that desired look for half the price. You can buy NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation at Sephora for $52. On the other hand, at CVS, you can buy Revolution IRL Filter Longwear Foundation for $9.80. According to Heatworld, these two products have been compared through customer reviews, and you can achieve nearly the same look for a more affordable price.

Upcoming generations have hopped on the bandwagon of buying higher-end cosmetics from Sephora and Ulta. According to CNN, “At a Sephora store in New York City, a store employee told CNN that tweens are frequently flowing in, not really asking for advice or recommendations from staff, and making a beeline for trendy and pricey skincare brands, such as Drunk Elephant, Glow Recipe and Laneige, that are hyped up by influencers.” This phenomenon has blown up all over social media. Many question whether this trend is real. Erica Stewart says, “Yes, sadly, it is real. I feel very strongly that 10-year-olds have no business in a cosmetic store buying items for their ‘skin routine.’ This is all because social media has given them this false idea of “needing’ these items. They are growing and do not need to expose their precious skin to products that are not meant for juveniles. Kids need to be kids. You have the rest of your life to be an adult.” Make sure the quality is just as high for the price you’re paying. Drunk Elephant does not recommend their products for ages 12 and below, according to their website, as the products contain a high concentration of active ingredients that are meant to address issues these kids do not yet have.

The debate between name brands and drug store products still stands. So, how do you truly know what’s worth spending money on? First, it’s important to know that makeup does expire. Allur newsletter says you should be replacing your foundation every 6-12 months. Your mascara should be replaced about every 3 months and should not be used longer than 6 months. If you are not an everyday makeup user, buying low-cost items is best so you aren’t throwing away big bucks at the end of the product’s lifetime. If you use makeup every day and want the best quality for your skin, and then if your budget allows it, investing in higher-end products might be best for you. It’s all about balance: read reviews and do your research before purchasing. Keep in mind everyone has different skin types, which makes some products less effective than others. Evaluate your skin and go from there. Lilly Huckerby says, “Sephora and Ulta definitely have better quality, higher-end products. But Elf creates a lot of “dupes” for things that I like. I’ve never had an issue with the makeup that I buy, although if you have acne-prone skin or really sensitive skin, I think it’s worth it to splurge on the higher-end products to keep your skin healthy and keep it away from chemicals that are usually in lower end makeup. Although, that’s why I love Elf because it is cruelty-free and doesn’t have a lot of harmful chemicals and additives.” Try out new products and give honest reviews on sites to help others in the same predicament. Don’t shy away from experimentation. Trial and error is the stepping stone to finding the best for you.


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