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The Penndulum

The Penndulum

Class Performing the ALICE drill

The Safety Within

Ava Conolly, Student Writer January 4, 2022

What would go through your mind if you were sitting in class and heard a loud sound that sounded like a gunshot and then a crowd of people started screaming in the halls running away from the loud noise?...

The “Gucci” Life of Mr.Brown

Kieran Banks, Student Writer January 3, 2022

Mr. David Brown has been an English and humanities teacher at Pennridge High School since 2013. Teaching since 2010, Mr. Brown developed a love for teaching and English class after being inspired by his...

Fun in the Sun

Amanda Gravatt, Student Writer June 7, 2021

With school coming to an end and summer being right around the corner, many teens have started planning trips and thinking of fun activities for the warm summer days, but what happens when you run out...

Here’s to the Class of 2021

Myla Keller, Student Writer June 7, 2021

Senioritis is hitting hard this time of year, but as we prepare to start a new chapter in our lives, let's look back on some of the moments that stand out from our high school careers.  Where it...

Ice Cream Reviews: The Best Ice Cream Around Perkasie PA

Meredith Kratz, Student Writer June 7, 2021

From Dairy Queen to Owowcow, the local ice cream options are endless. But which ice cream is the best? That depends on what is most important to you; taste, price, atmosphere, distance, etc.  Are you...

Class of 2021 Graduation: What Will It Look Like?

Justin Tuttle, Student Writer June 5, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly shuffled arrangements and gatherings of all kinds. At times it can be easy to forget how different life was before the pandemic. As graduation for the class of 2021 approaches,...

Important Events in 2021

Christian Beck, Student Writer June 4, 2021

021 has already brought the United States a magnitude of events and trends that we all will look back at someday. Whether it was political or by the people, these trends and events have shaped society...

A Night Under The Stars

A Night Under The Stars

Colette Paterson, Student Writer June 4, 2021

The night to remember for every high school student is prom. A night filled with fun, memories, and dressing your best. Although dancing around Covid restrictions this year, Pennridge still plans on the...

Battle of the Cities: Philly Vs. Pittsburgh

Battle of the Cities: Philly Vs. Pittsburgh

Rachel Runta and Cassidy White May 20, 2021

On opposite sides of the state lie the two main cities of Pennsylvania: Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. These two cities are different in many ways from one another and have features that make them...

The Perk’s Pastas

Grace Rabago and Abigael Reilly May 20, 2021

Everyone loves stopping into The Perk for a bite to eat, whether it be after a big game, to celebrate a special event, or just because. No matter what you order, you simply can’t go wrong. However, the...

How to save the ocean

Shaniya Gohel and Anna Bartron May 19, 2021

8 million metric tons of plastics are dumped into the ocean each year. It is estimated that by 2050, the amount of plastic in the ocean will outweigh all of the ocean’s fish. These statistics are crazy...

Cryptids and Creatures and Creeps, Oh My!

Cryptids and Creatures and Creeps, Oh My!

Maddie Lange, Staff Writer May 12, 2021

Legends have permeated human culture since before people knew how to talk. While old legends sing the praises of heroes and scorn villains, urban legends tend to center around the more absurd such as walking...

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