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The Penndulum

The Penndulum

Homemade pasta with extra marinara and extra parmesan cheese

Cooking vs. Baking: Quesadilla vs. Cheesecake

Sydney Sica and Paige Fenley May 28, 2024

The art, science, and craft of using heat to make food more palatable or digestible vs. the process of preparing dough, batter, etc., while preparing it in an oven using dry heat; this describes the process...

Alice in Wonderland is a popular story originally written by Lewis Carrol. Since then, it has been adapted into many different movies and books.

Alice in Wonderland (Illustrator: Winter, 1924) Mad Tea Party by Toronto Public Library Special Collections is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

A Look Down the Rabbit Hole of Alice in Wonderland

Ava Dunbar May 28, 2024

Modern adaptations of fairy tales and other fantastical stories have a long history of being altered and reimagined, and the famous world of Wonderland is no exception. Many people know the story from...

Tea Party by kevin dooley is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

A Sweet Treat the Royal Way

Camilla Valletta and Arabella Maguire May 28, 2024

Drinking tea is something that’s very popular among many different types of people. There’s a wide variety of tea ranging from Earl Gray and chamomile to bubble tea and milk tea. Originally tea drinking...

Cooking chicken in bulk for a protein-packed week of meal-prepping

Meal Prepping

Natalie Pappas and Anna Croyle May 28, 2024

Whether you are getting ready to head to your workout or finding a balanced meal to eat post-workout, meal prepping ensures you are properly fueled. Setting aside meals that are nutrient-packed and contain...

Coach Allyson Ricciardi, coaching the Pennridge Summer Aquatic Club.

The Impact of Coaches and Teachers on Child Development

Isabel Mistretta and Allyson Ricciardi May 28, 2024

Many different people play a crucial role in the upbringing and learning of a child. Parents, siblings, and friends surround children and influence them in numerous ways. However, when it comes to developing...

A Skin Care Guide for College

Sophie Craig and Emma Casey May 28, 2024

Amidst the late-night study sessions, the up-and-down diet plans, and the whirlwind of college life, your skin health can often take a backseat. A study by the World Family Medicine Journal concluded that...

A boombox blasting music in front of the woods.

Melodies, Mosquitoes, and Marshmallows

Nicholas Katits and Breanna Oertel May 28, 2024

When thinking about camping, things that can come to one's mind might be nature, tents, and, of course, the outdoors. However, there is something that most people probably do when camping that they do...

Natalie wearing a low ponytail hairstyle for her bike ride.

How-To Arrange Your Hair and Protect Your Skin While Biking

Natalie Duminiak and Lia Peralta Joa May 28, 2024

When going bike riding, it is important to consider one’s skin and hair. Without protection, exposure to sunlight can cause damage to one’s skin, eyes, and immune system. Similarly, leaving hair down...

Beautiful sunset at Wildwood beach

Senior Week at Wildwood Beaches

Anna Croyle, Student Writer May 16, 2024

It is not a secret that senior week, sometimes referred to as “sweek,” is one of the things seniors all around the world look forward to the most during their last year of high school. Generally speaking,...

The Time We…

Alexandra Roehl, Student Writer May 16, 2024

The phrase “I am going to tell you about the time I harvested fruit and made a dessert” evokes nostalgia amongst Generation Z. The quote originates from a Disney Channel commercial series called The...

Junior Prom ticket

Yes to the Dress?

Krislyn Strohl, Student Writer May 16, 2024

Lights turn on, cameras at the ready, and hair pinned up as high as the sky; surely, prom is an unforgettable night. But at what cost? The first prom dates all the way back to 1897. Prom was seen as a...

Hiking trail at Nockamixon State Park.

Take a Hike Buddy!

Arabella Maguire, Student Writer May 16, 2024

As the weather is warming up many are looking for new things to do outside. One of the best outdoor activities is hiking, a mix of physical exercise and amazing views. A hike doesn’t have to be some...

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