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The Penndulum

The Penndulum

Lotus Evans Tarot Card Table

The Power of Tarot

Nikki Rindone, Student Writer February 26, 2024

The future can be a daunting concept, as the unknown is always scary. While uncertainty can help make life exciting, it isn’t always welcome. The fear it brings can leave us anxious or doubtful of ourselves,...

Da Vincis Office

The Amazing Escape

Christian Cullen, Student Writer February 23, 2024

Time was winding down, and we didn't know if we’d make it. We tore the room apart, trying to find the last clue. We finally found it, but the clock was nearly zero. A five-letter clue was the only thing...

Four Pennridge students who have leading roles in Hello, Dolly. From left to right: Jared Smith, Kiera Ruch, Ryan Cecere, and Finn Norquay.

Behind the Scenes of the Pennridge High School Production Hello, Dolly

Allyson Ricciardi, Student Writer February 15, 2024

Hello, Dolly is to be the play this year at Pennridge High School. Performances will span four days, one each night. The spectators get to see a spectacular show spanning a couple of hours. What the spectators...

Valentines Day Decor

The Holiday of Love

Paige Agnew, Student Writer February 14, 2024

Valentine's Day has been a traditional holiday of love in the United States of America, France, Britain, Canada, Argentina, South Korea, Mexico, and Australia. The tradition started when a Roman priest...

Central Middle School

Behind the scenes: Central Middle School Cafeteria

Paige Agnew, Student Writer January 15, 2024

High school cafeterias have so many students that they have to feed that the relationship between lunch lady and student is hard to come by. Therefore, I thought it would be important to go behind the...

A brain on a computer symbolizing BCIs.

Revolutionary Brain Computers Claim to Fix Almost Anything.

Allyson Ricciardi, Student Writer January 15, 2024

There is no doubt that BCIs (Brain Computer Interfaces) are a revolutionary piece of new technology. However, they aren’t going to work for every non-verbal person, in some cases of autism, nor for people...

Dr. Steven Wagner and his son, Mitchell Wagner, standing next to his certificate on the Wall of Fame at Pennridge High School.

Steven Wagner had a Stroke at Seven

Jacqueline Wagner, Student Writer January 15, 2024

A stroke at seven years old changed Dr. Steven Wagner’s life forever. His story inspires hope, determination, and perseverance. In July 1977, Dr. Wagner suffered a hemorrhagic stroke after he fell off...

A nutcracker with pine branches

The History of The Nutcracker

Camilla Valletta, Student Writer January 15, 2024

It’s the holiday season, and everyone is getting ready. Stores are getting their winter decorations out. Parents are getting presents for their children. Ballerinas are practicing for the well-known...

A picture of the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge

The Journey of a Lifetime: Adventure in the Outback

Krislyn Strohl, Student Writer January 15, 2024

When you think of Australia, the first thing that probably comes to mind are the larger-than-life bugs, the Australian accent, and the beautiful structures like the Sydney Opera House. While those are...

Philadelphia Eagles Linemen Record a Philly Special Christmas Album

Silly Philly Sports

Sydney Sica, Student Writer January 15, 2024

Philadelphia sports fans may be called loyal, fierce, and crazy.  A man named Henny brought his six-foot-long, 55-pound alligator named Wally to a Phillies game in September 2023, wearing a harness and...

308 N. Fifth Street Christmas Decorations

The Legacy Of The Christmas House

Alexandra Roehl, Student Writer January 15, 2024

Ken and Lois Heitz have been Perkasie residents for 27 years and live at the “Christmas House.” Every Holiday season since 1996, the Heitz have extravagantly embellished their 308 N. Fifth St. home...

Nikki Rindone, age 8, with a broken nose.

Dad, I forgot to duck

Nikki Rindone, Student Writer January 15, 2024

My skin was damp and hot, causing the already drenched, dri-fit jersey I had on to stick to my back. Batting was always my least favorite part of baseball, but I was determined to get on base. I sized...

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