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The Penndulum

The Penndulum

Can you beat the heat?

Tommy Cramer, Student Writer May 29, 2023

With the uprising of food challenges, people have pushed their tolerance for spice and heat. Understanding this, businesses have tried to incorporate these challenges into their companies. One of these...

Me on stage at last Springs performance of Paquita.

Water Polo and Dance: Two Different Activities That May be Similar

Anastasia Masters and Ryanna Ritting May 29, 2023

Physical activity has various forms, some being more competitive and strength-based while some are more art and aesthetic based. Some physical activities that are more competitive and strength-based are...

A cloudy sunset taken in western Pennsylvania

Making the Perfect Evening with Coffee and Sunsets

Evelyn Froehlich and Abigail Zischang May 29, 2023

Are you looking for the perfect evening out? You should consider checking out some spots to have dinner and watch the sunset while enjoying some coffee and desserts. Coffee can be paired with some dinner...

Taking an appeasing photo for social media

The Censorship of Social Media

Samantha Myrick and Megan Doyle May 26, 2023

Social media is a place where people present a preferred version of themselves, their relationships, and their experiences, which can be misleading. Dean Behrens, a guidance counselor at Pennridge, says,...

Why athletes need to lift different

Jessica Levush and Aundrea Frederick May 26, 2023

Lifting and weight training are a huge part of being a successful athlete and preventing injuries, but in some cases, lifting can do more harm than good if you are not going about it in the correct way....

Pennridge student showcases milk. Not only a cow product for baking but also a healthy breakfast option.

May 24.

Cows and Cakes!

Alexa Stachel and Sara Cipressi May 26, 2023

What really makes a cake? Some say it's having colorful icing and extra sprinkles. Others will say it's the flavor of the cake or the pairing with a fun flavored filling. However, these preferences cannot...

A tan can make your back a lot more defined!

Tanning 🤝 Bodybuilding

Sydney Peoples and Alexis Moyer May 26, 2023

Tanning 🤝 Bodybuilding Tanning and bodybuilding go hand in hand because of the definition the tan brings to your body. As someone who has done a bodybuilding competition, Alexis Moyer, and someone...

Image of Howie Roseman (Top Image) and Magnus Carlsen (Bottom Image)

What’s the Difference Between a GM and a GM

Sullivan Heying and Nathan Esbenshade May 26, 2023

Football; a sport played across the United States with each of the teams in the best league, the NFL having a general manager (GM). GMs are an elite and rare group of people with there only being 32. Each...

One of the Haar Islands

Shipwrecks and Islands: A Wonder of Multiple Universes

Jessica Remphrey and Avery Drumbore May 26, 2023

The Haar Islands were originally formed during the terraforming of Mondstadt, the Nation of Anemo. Civilization began on the Haar Islands with one shipwrecked group that lived on the archipelago for many...

Vegetarian Crepe in Paris

Traveling When Following a Vegetarian Diet

Avani Kallur and Cate Didenko May 26, 2023

Traveling is something that people love to do. It gives people the opportunity to explore the world outside of their own homes and have new experiences. However, traveling can be tough when you have dietary...


The Taste of Proffesional football

Brandon Vassallo and Tommy Cramer May 26, 2023

The National Football League (NFL) is one of the most watched sports across the entirety of the United States. Besides just watching the game on the field, stadiums hold a variety of culinary opportunities...

A pretty dandelion

How to Make Dandelion Bath Bombs

Jay Vernold and Phoebe Koomson May 26, 2023

Bath bombs were first invented in 1989 in England. It was created in a garden shed by Mo Constantine. Constantine is now the co-founder and prost investor for a popular British company called Lush. Bath...

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