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The Penndulum

The Penndulum

’70s Back in Style: Woman’s Right Movement

Josephina Mason and Victoria Ruth May 31, 2022

The women’s rights movement is not a new concept. From the women’s suffrage movement to the Equal Rights amendment to fighting for an abortion now, there is always a women’s rights movement occurring....

The love sign, located in Philadelphia, represents the saying the city of brotherly love.

Will 2022 Be the Deadliest Year in Philly?

Katie Loughran, Student Writer April 5, 2022

The city of brotherly love, known as Philadelphia, has had 100 homicides since March 11, 2022. If this rate keeps going, 2022 will outpace last year’s deadliest year. By March 10, 2021 (March of last...

Ukraine Flag

The Global Impact of Sanctions

Dean Wilson, Student Writer March 28, 2022

Matters in Ukraine have been taking everyone’s attention for the past month. Some terrible tragedies have happened on Ukrainian soil, and the world is not sitting idly by. Shortly after the first Russian...

The US Stock Market and Economy During Troubled Times

Hannah Trautner, Student Writer March 16, 2022

Although the Russian-Ukrainian conflict that is happening as we speak is in Europe, effects have reached the United States with our Stock Market and economy taking a hit. Just recently, it's crazy how...

A maternity hospital in ruins after shelling in Mariupol, Ukraine.

War on Two Fronts

Tony Pena, Student Writer March 16, 2022

On Feb. 24, 2022, tensions between Russia and Ukraine boiled over as Russia sent an army across the border and began its invasion. This conflict between these two countries is nothing new. Problems have...

American flag hanging in Pennridge high school

Military Drafts and What’s Happening Today

Catelyn Thrush, Student Writer March 8, 2022

Everyone at some point has counted down the days, months, or years until they are legally an adult. “Five more months until I can get a tattoo on my own!” Adulthood is something kids tend to rush....

Counterprotesters turned out on Sunday in Ottowa to block a small convoy of antigovernment protesters.

Canadian Protests: Moose, Maple Syrup, and Mayhem

Michael Aichele, Student Writer February 19, 2022

The situation in Canada is heating up as the Freedom Convoy is growing in Ottawa. Truck drivers all across Canada are protesting vaccine mandates and the vaccine passport that Canadian truckers must show...

Nathan Chen in the Grand Prix of Figure Skating final.

Going for the Gold

Annabelle Sharp, Student Writer February 19, 2022

The winter Olympics are being held in Beijing this year. Some of the top sports in the Olympics this year include figure skating and freestyle skiing. Some of those top athletes in those events are Nathan...

North Korean testing of hypersonic missile

As Missiles Rise, So Do Tensions Between North Korea and the United States

Hannah Benson, Student Writer February 15, 2022

Over the past decade, The United States and North Korea have been at each other’s throats due to the ongoing topic of nuclear weaponry. Since the start of Donald Trump’s presidency, he focused on building...

Ava Mumbauer (left) and her friend work together in social studies to learn about NATO and its impacts on the world.

Russia and Ukraine: What to Know

JUSTIN MCCORMICK, writer February 7, 2022

Rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine have led the world to fear a war between the two, but this is just a small part of a much greater conflict. Since Ukraine and other nearby countries gained their...

Important Events in 2021

Christian Beck, Student Writer June 4, 2021

021 has already brought the United States a magnitude of events and trends that we all will look back at someday. Whether it was political or by the people, these trends and events have shaped society...

How to save the ocean

Shaniya Gohel and Anna Bartron May 19, 2021

8 million metric tons of plastics are dumped into the ocean each year. It is estimated that by 2050, the amount of plastic in the ocean will outweigh all of the ocean’s fish. These statistics are crazy...

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