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Summer Vacations: Worldwide

Paige Fenley
The sunset in Ocean City, New Jersey in June of 2023

Summer break or summer vacation refers to a break from academics in between school years. Students are generally off anywhere from two weeks to three and a half months. In Pennsylvania, high school students are off school from June to August. After seniors have graduated from high school, even though students are no longer obligated to see each other, many students will come together and plan activities involving everyone as their final hoorah. At Pennridge and many surrounding schools, students plan a week-long vacation called “sweek” or senior week. These weeks are usually hosted in Wildwood, New Jersey, or Ocean City, Maryland, about a week or two after graduation.

Students in the U.S. have a lengthy summer vacation compared to many other countries worldwide. In other countries, students may have a more extended winter vacation or spring break, cutting their summer vacation short. Sean McCalley, who also lived in Germany, says, “If we’re talking about school break in the summertime, the main difference is the length. From what I remember about summer vacation in the US, it was much longer, most of June, all of July, and August. In Germany, schools have a shorter summer break but many more and longer breaks during the rest of the year. So here in Baden Württemberg, the summer break is about 6 weeks. Usually, it is one week in July, the whole month of August, and one week in September.” Countries also vary their summer vacations weather-wise. In Pennsylvania, the weather is often consistently warm or hot once June comes around, with only tiny fluctuations. Sean McCalley again believes that “one negative thing about summer vacation here in Germany is the unpredictability of the weather. It is just as likely to have a week of sunshine and 100-degree weather as it is to have a cold week of rain.” Around the world, there are many different tourist attractions you’re able to attend. Jeancarlos Alarcon who used to live in Guatemala says “summer vacations in my option are way better in Guatemala because there’s more freedom and there are more populated events going on.”

Overall, summer vacation is loved by many people worldwide, even with its differences. Students’ opinions may vary regarding their preference for the length, presence, and plans over their summer breaks, but they make the most out of what they are given and enjoy as much as possible. Students may want to spend their summer traveling with their classmates or visiting local attractions. Summer vacation will always be something cherished by students and staff. This period of time during which you relax and enjoy yourself with less weight and responsibilities on your shoulders will continue to be celebrated around the world despite its differences.


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Sydney Sica, Student Writer
Sydney Sica, Grade 12. Interests/hobbies include snowboarding, listening to music, going to the beach, traveling, and hanging out with friends and family. Sydney plans on attending Millersville University to major in business and minor in chemistry to become a pharmaceutical rep.
Paige Fenley, Student Writer
Paige Fenley, Grade 11. Her interests/hobbies include playing hockey for Pennridge Girls Ice Hockey, going hiking, drawing, creative writing, hanging out with friends and family, traveling, listening to music, and attending concerts of her choice, and many others. With a year still left at PHS, she plans to begin applying to colleges such as SUNY New Paltz University, Boulder University, and the University of Oregon.  She hopes to study an English-related career path, now becoming interested in pursuing Journalism as an option.

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