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A nice picture from the New York Times demonstrating how mindfulness can lead to a life with more peace.

Mindfulness Tactics

Lilly Huckerby, Annabelle Sharp, and Leah Malone May 31, 2022

Stress and overthinking have become a huge part of people's everyday lives, but it doesn’t have to be this way. People don’t always need to have an answer to every feeling or situation. Life doesn’t...

Strengthening muscles for golf

Riley Kodidek and Jude D'Agostino May 31, 2022

Golf is a great sport for all ages. It’s relaxing to play on your own, and fun to compete with friends! For maximum force output, your swing should be swift and sturdy, and when close to the hole, accuracy...

The Truth Behind Having “Good” Health

Landon Herbst and Catelyn Thrush May 31, 2022

You see questions all the time when taking surveys in a doctor’s office asking how you would describe your health. You then realize that it’s not an easy topic to answer. That’s when you start to...

Some of the colleges that students have already committed to

The Transition Into College Life

Hannah Laincz and Josephina Mason May 11, 2022

While the stress of high school is ending, say hello to the stress of college. Granted, while we do have the summer to chill and relax, preparing for college takes different tolls on your mental and physical...

Correlation between school and students’ mental health

Zoe Ziegenfuss, Student Writer May 2, 2022

The immense stress that school can cause for students is a well-researched topic amongst scholars, yet very few schools take it seriously. Luckily, this stigma has been on a rapid decline. Through organizations...

Ap students Kaitlyn Chun and Carly Garis working diligently in Ap Psychology

Preparing for an AP Exam

Riley Denton, Student Writer April 19, 2022

As the school year comes to an end, there’s just one more challenge that students must face: tests. More specifically, students are preparing for AP tests. Taking a college-level course as a high schooler...

Photograph taken of Lindsey Campagna by Ashley Landis on Tuesday, April 12. Lindsey in the sun.

A Reminder: Focus on Mind, Body, and Beauty of the Soul

Ashley Landis, Student Writer April 19, 2022

With school winding down, the weather changing, and imminent decisions on the horizon, it’s no wonder students are full of stress and tension. Your body, mind, and soul need to be taken care of. When...

Four Lifting Tips from a Former Beginner

Four Lifting Tips from a Former Beginner

Jude D'Agostino, Student Writer March 8, 2022

There are many things that go into a proper weightlifting plan. And as a beginner, it can all seem overwhelming and maybe even intimidating to develop one yourself. I once was a six foot two, 150-pound...

College Advice for PHS Seniors: Roommates, Transitions and Choices

College Advice for PHS Seniors: Roommates, Transitions and Choices

April 29, 2021

PHS Seniors are off to the next phase of their lives!  Our Penndulum Journalists have taken time to provide advice for meeting new friends, choosing roommates, transitioning into college life, and celebrating...

How to: Organized life

Taryn Reigle, Student Writer January 13, 2021

A question people often ask, and think is: how do I get my life organized? There are many key tips to get organized, and they aren’t hard to do, but for some reason are difficult to follow through with....

Believe in Yourself!

Tori Martin, Student Writer August 13, 2020

When we start high school, we think that we have our whole lives planned out in front of us. Truly, we don’t and we need to focus more on living in the moment. Never did I ever think that I would be...

The Importance of Taking Journalism

Macy Price, Student Writer August 13, 2020

If you’re unsure if you want to take Journalism, take it! Especially if you like writing or English in general, this course will give you a much deeper understanding of all things Journalism. Through...

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