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The Issue With Cafeteria Food
School cafeteria barbeque chicken bowl

Food is one of the necessities of life, and it is vital to know what a person puts in his or her body. For $3.25, Pennridge High School students can get lunch, which consists of the main portion, a side of fruit or vegetables, and a choice of milk. While school lunches are quick and easy to get, serving prepackaged meals is unhealthy, and better alternatives exist. In a survey focused on school lunches, many students said they avoid school lunches because the school food looks unappetizing or unhealthy. Most students, out of a group of around 50, rate the school food a three in satisfaction. When asked if satisfied with the school food, Tyler Pollock, a Pennridge High School senior, says, “It’s school lunch. It’s expected, but no.” Students want better food from the school, but the expectations are so low that they are not surprised by the food quality. Compare that to school lunches in other countries; in Scotland, they serve full halal menus and daily vegetarian options. South Korea has rice, soup, kimchi cabbage, and protein-focused side dishes.

Better food options aren’t just located in schools from other countries. Quakertown Community High School offers multiple options and displays their nutritional value, ingredients, and allergens on its meal planner website. Each day has a new menu, allowing students to pick from a large variety. Pennridge, on the other hand, has the same menu with one or two different options. Some people are fine with eating the same thing for lunch every day; however, offering the same meal over and over allows for very few options that will be unable to cater to students’ tastes. Cara Gurysh, the house principal of the class of 2024, states, “There’s been an ongoing attempt to offer more fresh options like different choices of salads, and additionally, there have been attempts to bring more locally sourced produce.” It might not seem like anything is being done, but according to Gurysh, “William Lorah, the cafeteria director, has been trying to get the kitchens to produce the food instead of heating frozen meals.”

Students have expressed that they want change in the cafeteria. They want something other than prepackaged, processed, frozen meals and want to see something fresh put on the menu. It’s easy to look at other schools around the Perkasie area and envy their menus, but the most important thing is trying to improve Pennridge’s. For example, having another catering option near the cafeteria would be a great way to let students have a taste of something new; this could be a salad bar, soup station, or something completely different. Whatever it may be, Pennridge students want to eat good, fresh food that will help support their growing bodies.

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