A Look Back & A Look Forward

March 20, 2019

The school year seems like it just started, but it is coming to a close and quick. Seniors are surprised to see this year unfold so fast and are happy for the end of a great run! Graduation is this June either the 13th or 18th at Lehigh University, Stabler Arena. Then, senior prom is also approaching in June too, on the 7th, at the Palace Center in Allentown. The class of 2019 is celebrating 4 years of hard work with a Great Gatsby Prom and obviously, a traditional graduation.


100% of the 23 Pennridge seniors who were asked if they were going to their prom, said yes.  When asked what Pennridge seniors were looking for from prom Justin Macry said, “Enjoying one last hoorah with a group of people that I love to be around”. So far, students view prom as their last time before they leave high school to have a good time with their graduating class. Because once prom is over, it’s onto graduation and they are all moving along to what everyone hopes are bigger and better things!


As seniors near the end of their last year, they think not only of where they will go, but where they started. So many fond memories are being left behind and seniors feel the bittersweet year coming to a close. Nate Fawcett, a Pennridge Senior, referred to a Pennridge teacher saying,“Mr. Sudac, anything with Mr. Sudac”, in response to what his favorite high school memories were. Most responded with memories of their favorite teachers, friends, and school events. Then, answer to what seniors would miss most was generally seeing their friends everyday, because most seniors will soon be hours away from the people they used to see everyday.


The ending although bittersweet, has to happen and it’s coming up soon. Seniors are sad to leave Pennridge but excited for the new adventures ahead. Many seniors said that they looked forward to college and being out in the workforce. And, in 3 short months students will be set free! Although it is sad to see everyone go, good luck Class of 2019!

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