Sitting on a Cloud

Summer is approaching quicker than ever this year. However, it feels like most are not prepared with the necessities to have the fun in the sun we have been dreaming of. People need to make sure they are going to the beach and looking great this summer. That’s where Sand Cloud comes into play. Sand Cloud Towels is a beach lifestyle company that sells beach towels and beach blankets. It was founded in 2014 by Brandon Leibel, Bruno Aschidamini, and Steven Ford in San Diego, California. Even though your beach days will be all set and ready to go, your outfits should be ready to go as well. Sand cloud, not only sell beach towels and blankets, but also sell clothing. You can buy shirts, leggings, and even accessories. Accessories include phone cases, pins, and stickers.


Sand Cloud is also environment friendly. Some shirts and towels are made out of recycled materials. Some are not, but a good amount of what they sell actually is! Recently, many have been using reusable items. Sand Cloud has you covered with this as well! With their reusable and metal straws, you will not find your old, thrown away plastic in any ocean, killing turtles. If you are a friend of the environment, choose Sand Cloud. Ten percent of the proceeds that the company collects goes towards a nonprofit organization that try and clean up beaches and save the ocean’s wildlife.


Choosing a monthly VIP subscription box that they offer is definitely the way to go when starting out with this company. The subscription is only $26 a month. In the box you receive a t-shirt, socks, many different pins, and stickers. With a reasonable price for the items you get, nothing beats the reward of saving the wildlife.


Many were interviewed about their experience or future experience with Sand Cloud. When asked about her experience with SandCloud, Erin Anglemoyer stated that her friend was an ambassador for it, so she had an idea about the products they sold and loved their mission of saving the ocean. When asked if it is important to use reusable items, Anglemoyer stated, “I think it’s great. You are not wasting materials, you are using materials more than once, and you are helping the environment. It is a small step everyone can take in helping the environment.” Makenna Patterson was also interviewed on her Sand Cloud views. She stated, “I heard it from Instagram ads and have known about it for about two years.” When asked her opinion on the company she said, “I think it is a great company with a good goal.” She also went on to discussing how she would buy from Sand Cloud to help out with their goal.


If you are trying to achieve your goal of saving the Earth just like Sand Cloud, check out their website so that your purchases go directly towards helping to clean the oceans. Always remember Sand Cloud’s motto: SAVE THE FISHIES. Check out their website at