How To Thrive in High School

Want to survive the next four years? By following these five simple steps you won’t only survive, you will thrive. These can apply to anyone from Freshman to Seniors. It’s going to be tough, but everyone gets through it. You will, too.

  • Get Involved.

Whether you join a sports team, the band or a club it is so important to be involved with your school. Getting involved allows you to make new friends and spend time with people who enjoy the same things as you. Getting involved makes the school community smaller. You will have school spirit and be proud to be a part of your school.

  • Don’t procrastinate.

Some people are worse than others when it comes to this. Do not wait until the last minute to do something. By dividing up the work throughout several days you will get the work done much quicker and will not have a lot to do by the end. Chances are you will earn a better grade if you stretch an assignment out over several days rather than trying to get it done in one night. By spending more time on an assignment, you are more likely to find errors.

  • Be yourself and remember who you are.

Be the person you want to be. Do not try and be someone you aren’t.  There is only one you. People are more likely to gravitate towards you and be your friend if you are true to yourself. Everyone can spot an imposter. This isn’t middle school. You don’t need to be like everyone else.

  • The late nights will be worth it.

It is inevitable that there will be more than one late night of studying in High School. Between extracurricular activities and homework there will not be enough hours in the day to get it done. Push yourself to stay up late. Earning an A will help your GPA. When it is time to apply for college you will be really glad you stayed up.

  • Communicate with your teachers.

This is key to thriving in High School. If you earn a grade you are not happy with, rather than complain go talk to your teacher. He or she will most likely give you the opportunity to retake a test, makeup work, or do extra credit. The saying “You don’t ask, you won’t receive.” applies in High School. Having a good relationship with your teacher will make getting through the class better.


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