Creating a Better Environment at Pennridge

Casie Csondor, Journalism Student

February 2, 2019

From investigation it was discovered that improving Pennridge’s learning environment will increase teacher’s and student’s ability to perform their best.  Pennridge’s current environment hinders students and teacher’s...

Mental Health: Seek the Help You Need

Kiley Watson, Journalism Student

February 2, 2019

Mental health disorders are problems that are becoming more prevalent over time. For everyone in five students, one will have some type of mental illness. Therefore, if you teach or participate in a classroom with 25 students,...

Pennridge Rowing for the Rams?

Logan Sudholz, Journalism Student

February 2, 2019

    “Exhilarating, brutal, and empowering” is the way Pennridge English teacher and prior rower at Bucknell University, Mr. Crooke, chose to describe the sport of rowing. Rowing is a unique, yet fast growing sport across t...