Pennridge Swim Team Trains for Champs

Rachel Madden, Staff Writer

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The Pennridge Swim Team is still in the midst of their 2019 season.
Since early November, the swim team has been practicing every day to
compete against other schools in the area. Each swimmer specializes in
specific strokes such as, butterfly, backstroke, freestyle, and breaststroke.
With having two to three meets a week, the swim team is still going strong to
prepare for the upcoming meet known as “Champs” where they compete to
get their fastest time to qualify for Districts.
About the Season

The Pennridge Swim team is still moving strongly towards their goals as a
team. If the team doesn’t have a meet, they are in the pool every day after
school from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Along with these daily two-hour
practices, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, they are in the pool at 5:30
a.m. for morning practice. From having two to three meets a week and
practicing every day, their season is still moving along to compete at
Champs. Practice is combined with boys and girls and they are all put in a
lane based on their level of swimming. Although boys and girl swim together
at practice, they compete girls vs. girls, and boys vs. boys. The swim team is
coached by Jacob Grant (girls coach) and Jenna Anselmo (boys coach). The
girls have a record of 1-8 and beat Cheltenham, as well as our rival,
Quakertown. The boys team has a record of 2-7 and also beat Quakertown
and Cheltenham. Currently, the swim team is finished with all their dual
meets and are training for Champs.


The swimmers practice the four main strokes, breast-stroke, butterfly,
freestyle, and backstroke. Each practice is designed to train the swimmer to

compete with their fastest time in their specialized stroke. Swimmers who
have not yet qualified for districts are “tapering” to prepare themselves for
Champs. Only a few swimmers have qualified so far and will be on their way
to districts. Swimmer Reese Trauger, senior,is qualified for her 50 freestyle
with an incredible time of 25.30 seconds. Ethan Lionetti, senior, also
qualified for breast stroke with an impeccable time of 1:00.9. Joseph Hong,
sophomore, is qualified for breaststroke, 200 I.M, and 500 freestyle as well.

Team Goals

The purpose of the everyday practices for the team, are to build each
swimmer to perform the best they can at meets and Champs. The team is
currently working on reaching their best time at upcoming Champs by
tapering. Along with Champs, swimmers that have qualified for districts are
continuing to train everyday as well. Another goal the team is working
towards is sending some swimmers to states. Jacob Grant, the girls coach,
was questioned on his style of coaching and replied “Tough love balanced
with joking and rest when needed.” Alongside of the hard work the
swimmers encounter every day, the coach is aware of the rest each swimmer
may need to perform her best. Alongside of competing in meets, the
swimmers want to gain a friendship between one another to support each
other the best they can. One of the captains on the swim team, Ethan Lionetti,
was asked how he would describe the swim team and he said “We are like a
family.” The boys head coach, Jenna Anselmo, was asked what the swim
team most excels at and she stated, “supporting one another. They want
everyone to do well and to feel welcome.” The coaches are always looking
for more swimmers to join the team next year and grow not just individually,
but overall. Coach Jenna said, “Don't be intimidated. We are very welcoming.
You put in a lot of effort but you will see the payoff. We have kids who have
never swam before and kids who have been swimming since they were five.
We welcome you into the swimming rams.” Each year, the coaches are
always looking to add to their team to make it the best it can be.

Future Events

Besides, a long and tough season, the swimmers are not quite done yet. Even
though their dual meets have ended, they are headed to Champs where they
will compete for their best times. Boys league Champs are Friday, February
15 at CB South, and girls league champs are Saturday, February 16 at North
Penn. If qualified at Champs, the swimmer will be sent to Districts, which
has 42 spots open for each event. After Districts, you could get an automatic
into States (date and location to come). Come support your Pennridge Ram
Swimmers as they compete at League Champs! They need all the support
they can get.