Pennridge Men’s Basketball

Caroline McFadden, Staff Writer

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Down goes another opponent against the Pennridges Men’s Basketball team, allowing them to secure the 16th spot in the Pennsylvania Class AAAAA Rankings. The Pennridge  varsity basketball team won Monday’s home conference game against Central Bucks South by a score of 71-56. This allows Pennridge’s team to have a 20-3 overall record, while winning 14 games in a row, and Central Bucks South to have a 15-5 overall record.

Pennridge dominated throughout the game. They led the game with 28 rebounds and Central Bucks South trailing behind with 21 rebounds. Pennridge also led with 14 steals and Central Bucks South with six. Pennridge led with two blocks as Central Bucks South had none. One of the blocks, from Junior center No.23, Trent Fisher, was vital as he blocked a player’s shot in the third quarter, allowing the momentum for Pennridge to pick up. Pennridge also led in assists with 13, two more than Central Bucks South.                                                                       

The winning streak for Pennridge basketball hasn’t come easy. The team definitely has worked hard for their record. When Pennridge Senior guard, Jack Gillespie, was asked if he has seen anything that he believes his team or individuals have to work on in order to keep the winning streak going, he responded by saying, “I feel like in games it’s very easy for players to get mentally tired. Basketball is both a physical and mental game, so I feel like if we want to keep this streak going, we have to come into every game mentally prepared to win.”

A problem the team has faced, is the back to back games. It is tough for the players to be ready for one game after another without having time for their bodies to rest. When Senior center, Jon Post, was asked about how back to back games against strong opponents affected the teams play and physical strength, he responded with, “The back to back games are a curse and a blessing, we love playing the games, but our bodies don’t. I feel like the work we put in before the season for these moments made them much easier than anticipated, and I think we can play with any team anywhere. We are a close group of guys who have one goal every game and that is to win.”

Coach Dean Behren’s high expectations for this season seem to be looking good in the future of the Pennridge Men’s Basketball team. One of his goals is to win the division. There is one conference game left to play for Pennridge Men’s Basketball team against Central Bucks East, which will be held on the boys senior night, February 12 at 7 p.m.