What Makes a Good Bowler?

Connor Robertson, Student Writer

Most people bowl as entertainment and to have a fun time with friends and family.  There is a common misconception about competitive bowling and the lack of skill that is required.  Competitive bowlers are highly skilled when compared to the weekend bowlers. The Bleacher Report compared competitive bowling to professional golf, stating, “They [competitive bowlers] are better like Tiger Woods is better than you at golf.”  What makes a good bowler good? To better understand the competitive sport of bowling, we interviewed Brian Laiacona, former bowling coach and current bowling club advisor, along with senior bowler Jason Yeung.

Brian Laiacona coached the bowling team for seven years and has advised the bowling club for the last two. Over the years, he has gained experience and insight into bowling.  To develop bowler’s skills, Laiacona brought in an experienced bowler to help instruct bowlers when practicing. At practice, bowlers would practice spares, throwing games, and other potential situations they may face in competition.

However, Laiacona claimed the secret to being a great bowler is understanding that “bowling is a mental sport.” He also emphasized that a great bowler must focus on “being a student” while “athletics are an extension of academics.”

Laiacona also believes there is more to take away from being part of the bowling team. He says that bowling teaches students about “teamwork, commitment, setting goals, and learning from trial and error.” He also claims that it is important for everyone to get involved in something, whether it be in bowling or another activity.

Star bowler, Jason Yeung, shared some insight with reporters explaining the skill required to be a competitive bowler.  There are many factors that influence the outcome of a throw. Some of these factors include rev rate, ball speed, ball design and surface, delivery style, and rotation.  When asked what he thought was the most important thing to be a successful bowler he stated, “Be confident in yourself, get the technique down, and know your bowling style.”  Most importantly, he said to work hard and have fun doing it.

Anyone can join the bowling club regardless of skill or previous experience. The club will meet on Friday, March 8, April 12, and May 10. See Brian Laiacona in Room 373 if interested.