Mr. Pennridge Is Back!

Jessica Tiedeken, Student Writer

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Mr. Pennridge is a male talent contest that is held every couple years here at Pennridge. In the beginning, this event used to be similar to that of a woman’s beauty pageant. Overtime, the central focus of this event has shifted from looks to talents. This event, however, is much more than just a talent contest; the contestants have to attend many practices to prepare for the show. All the contestants are nominated by their grade level peers. A form was sent out to everyone in the class of 2019 and was due on March 1st. By letting everyone submit nominations, it brings together a diverse group of guys to represent their class in the contest. Mr. Pennridge gives these students who might not otherwise interact at all, an opportunity to come together. The nominees will begin practicing in mid-March and will have practice once a week until the date of the show, which is April 11th. There are many people behind the scenes helping to put it on. There are several moving parts involved in putting an event on like this that requires a lot of time and commitment to make them work.  Student Council works very hard to make this event the best that it possible can be. One former contestant, Joe Ereifej, said, “it’s most relatable to a musical or play in the sense we spend all this time practicing”. There is a lot of work that goes into preparing for this event because each contestant will compete in an individual talent section and runway section. In addition to that, the contestants will come together to perform a dance routine. After the performances, five judges (two student judges and three teacher judges) will use a grading sheets to determine the winner of the title Mr. Pennridge. Even though it is a contest and only one guy will earn the title of Mr. Pennridge, all of the other contestants still enjoy the event. A previous contestant Brian Lafty said, “I loved being a part of Mr. Pennridge. It was a good time with a group of some great guys.” The participants have a lot of fun in this event, but it would not happen without an audience to support them. An event like this helps to foster a sense of school spirit by bringing the community together for a good time. This fun night gets even better because it serves as a fundraiser. This year, Student Council said they will give all their proceeds to the Life Skills program here at Pennridge. For anyone who is interested in having a fun evening out, this event will be held on April 11th at 6 p.m. and should not last more than two hours. It will take place in the Pennridge High School auditorium. Tickets will be five dollars and can be purchased at the door. Joe E. would like to say, “I hope everybody is ready to see what their Pennridge men have to offer”. So, come out to support your classmates and all the hard work that they put into this event, as well as supporting a good cause.