Pi Day

Hannah Cressman, Staff Writer

“Who doesn’t like pie? You have so many options”! – Mrs. Rissmiller

Many students complain that March feels like the longest month of the school year with nothing to look forward to. However, many overlook one of the greatest celebrations that happens during this month. March 14 marks the globally celebrated holiday known as Pi Day. This holiday is celebrated by mathematicians and pie lovers alike as people come together to celebrate the greek symbol, π. If that explanation is not enough reason for you to get excited about this holiday keep on reading!

Pi day was originally founded in 1988 by physicist, Larry Shaw. March 14 was selected because it represents the first three digits of pi 3.14. March 14 also happens to be Albert Einstein’s birthday, according to History making it “the perfect pi-incidence”! For Pi newbies it may be quite confusing what Pi actually is. The symbol represents a infinite, irrational, transcendental number used to relate a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Without pi, most modern day construction would not have be possible!

People choose to celebrate the day in a variety of ways, there is really no wrong way to celebrate! Many students get excited about the day because most math teachers choose to recognize the special day. Pennridge High School senior and Pi Day enthusiast, Ian Livengood, shared his feelings towards the day by saying, “Pi Day brings the family and friends together, everyone needs a break from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives to sit down with their loved ones and bake classic American pies.”

So why should you be excited about a day dedicated to math? Well it brings up the perfect opportunity to bake and eat pies in honor of the circle related symbol. Pi Day is also the perfect time to peruse through Instagram and take in all of the memes created by the account @3.14159. This entire account honors and recognizes the significance of pi by sharing memes with millions of followers.

The school day on March 14 also provides a great outlet to celebrate pi. In an interview with AP Calculus BC and AP Statistics teacher, Mrs. Rissmiller, she said, “We don’t celebrate in AP Statistics but we will definitely eat pie in AP Calculus BC as well as do a short pi activity.” Pi plays a huge role in a high school student’s education in regards to mathematics. Students are taught how to utilize pi with many different concepts.

In anticipation of Pi Day 2019, Ian Livengood shared his plans he said, “I think I’ll have the boys over to my house on Pi Day Eve to bake and celebrate the spirit of the holiday. Then on Pi Day we’ll bring the fruits of our labor in to school to spread love and cheer to everyone around us.” There is no wrong way to celebrate this day, as long as you are with pi/pie loving people you are guaranteed a good time.