Homework is Beneficial

Caitlyn Amsden, Student Writer

Homework is beneficial for students of all ages for several reasons. Homework provides an extension of the classroom into the homes of students. It also allows them to prepare for tests and quizzes. If students do poorly on homework, they automatically know what they need to study and ask for help on to prepare for a quiz or test. If students do well on homework, it is just another practice tool to help enforce the information to prepare for any quiz or test as well. After being asked what is beneficial about having homework, Morgan Wahlers, a student at Pennridge High School said, “It helps us do better on tests.” Even from a student’s perspective homework is beneficial for good grades on tests. Practice does make perfect. Also, homework is not just beneficial in the classroom, but within the family. If a child cannot complete their homework they ask a family member for help. According to ProCon.org, data from a nationwide sample of elementary school students show that parental involvement in homework can improve class performance. Homework also creates strong bonds between family members and students and allows students to trust more and look towards them for other things in life. However, some people think as if homework is a waste of time and unnecessary. Mr. Harris, a teacher at Pennridge High School, responded with, “Boredom, busy work, not challenging, time consuming, inability to further develop skills and understanding.” when asked about the disadvantages of homework. To further back up how homework is a disadvantage for students, homework can deny students the leisure time they need. While some look at that as a disadvantage, many people see it as an advantage. Having homework and other responsibilities outside of school, allows students to manage their time, which is a skill used in everyday life. Homework is an advantage and provides students with lifelong lessons.