Stage Crew Startup – HELP WANTED

Kayla Lloyd, Staff Writer

Stage Crew Startup

It is officially a new school year, and as the students have fallen into the familiar routine of work, Stage Crew has fired up and is working diligently to make the magic of theater come to life. From Demolition Day forward, Stage Crew has been a flurry of activity, tearing apart old sets and re-purposing what they can to create new pieces for this year’s fall play, Shakespeare’s As You Like It. Despite the task in front of them, Stage Crew has maintained a familial atmosphere. Music is playing, kids are talking, all while creating an entire forest of trees. Not to mention the refreshments graciously brought in by Mrs. Hipp. Whatever needs to get done, someone is always ready to jump in eagerly.

Stage Crew meets every Wednesday from 6:30 to 9 and every Saturday from 9 to 12. Everyone who doesn’t mind getting paint-splattered is welcome to stop by and help. Stage Crew operates on an available basis, so don’t feel pressured if you have a big exam the next day, a family activity, or other things of that nature. Jamie Bradley, director for the fall play, comes in every day Stage Crew is preparing. Don’t miss Shakespeare’s As You Like It on November 16th and 17th!