Boys Pennridge Lacrosse takes on Southern Leigh

Ava Bratina, Student Writer

The Pennridge boys lacrosse team played their first non-conference game of the season on Tuesday night against Southern Leigh. They lost a hard fought game but had a strong starting lineup.  Starting for Pennridge was Nick Fanelli, Logan Lazaz and Kevin Britner on attack. On defense, Johnnie Banks, Brandan Howell, and Justin Lyle with Austin Swartley in goal. Finally, at midfield, Ryan Garner, Jack Garner, Matt Nevells, Dan Hart and Shane Hartzell.  When asked how the rest of the season will go, Johnnie Banks answered, “I think that we will have a great season if we all work hard and do our jobs. “Why not us” is out motto heading into the season, and if we all buy into that mindset and play together, then we will have the best season of a Pennridge lacrosse team ever.” Hearing such inspirational words from a teammate can only give hope that the rest of the season will have a bright future.

Johnnie Banks isn’t the only one thinks that the boys will have a better future ahead. Their community and classmates think that this was just a rough start to the season. They aren’t used to playing with each other yet and haven’t found that ‘flow’ on the field that comes with later games. When asked “What is your view on the boys team this year?” Caitlyn Amsden repiled, “ My view is that they had a rough start, but with the players they have they definitely have potential.” With hard work and dedication the boys lax team will go far. Pennridge has to look out for challenging teams that they must face in the future of the season. Johnnie replied, “We play in a strong conference that is all returning talent, so it will be a challenge each game we play, but we are looking forward to it and competing for a championship.”, When he was asked “how are other teams compared to your team?” he answered by saying “Pennridge is in a competitive conference for all sports such as soccer, football and even girls lacrosse.” A player on girls lacrosse, Caitlyn Amsden, had this to say about boys lacrosse, “ both teams support each other. In past years both teams have watched the other play in key games. The girls team keeps up to date with how the boys team is doing and supports them. At the scrimmage vs. Southern Leigh about 15 members from the girls lacrosse team were there.”

A lot of people still believe in Pennridges lacrosse team. The community and school is excited to see where this season will take the boys and no one has any doubt that it could be all the way to the championship. Don’t give up hope because one game doesn’t define the season. Good luck to all the boys on the team, Pennridge is with you.