A Look Inside the New Cafe

Hallie Baier, Staff Writer

From the Giant plaza to a new location. From one cafe to a combined bakery. Down to Earth Cafe and Breadbox Bakery have come together to deliver sandwiches, sweet treats, and rich coffee to everyone who walks through their doors. The location of the cafe is right in the center of town which makes it easy for anyone to take a walk and stop in for breakfast, lunch, or just to grab a coffee to go. Although it is not widely known right now, Saydee Van Etten, an employee at Down to Earth says, “I have already seen growth since the three and a half months of opening. Our name is definitely traveling. We’ve had visitors from all over, and as we begin to host even more events, like our parties and wine tasting dinners, I think they will further our growth even more.” Down to Earth Cafe and Breadbox Bakery is a sit-down restaurant with rustic wooden tables and plenty of windows that capture the sunlight from the outside and give it a hip look. If that doesn’t make you want to stop in, then the menu surely will. The menu gives a wide variety of healthy options such as GMO-free grains and is also vegan friendly. 1 North 7, is the location of the cafe and the name of one of their yummy breakfasts which is a two-egg omelet with feta cheese, fresh spinach, and tomato on a freshly baked croissant and is $8 to purchase. When I stopped in I ordered the Power Bowl, $9, which was filled with Greek yogurt topped with quinoa, chia seeds, grapefruit chunks, strawberries, and drizzled in local honey. The healthy, light combination was sweet and filled me up. Another service offered by the cafe is catering for any event you may have, and you can also host a private event of your own. Ryan Bashaar another employee at Down to Earth explains the atmosphere as, “Friendly and a lot of people know each other. It’s also comfortable to stay here for a while because it has a home feeling.” Watch out as Down to Earth Cafe and Breadbox Bakery becomes the new spot for all to enjoy a sit-down lunch or breakfast with friends and family.


Down to Earth Cafe and Breadbox Bakery

1 North 7th Street Perkasie, PA

215.257.5057, http://www.thebreadboxandbakery.com/


Hours: 7a.m.-5p.m. Tuesday through Saturday; 7a.m.-3p.m. Saturday and Sunday

Closed Monday.


Payment: Takes most major credit cards and cash


Service: Pleasant, helpful