We don’t give a peep about your easter candy opinions

Zahraa Munshi, Student Writer

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Easter is just around the corner and I don’t know about you, but I am very excited for the candy, especially the chocolate bunnies. Over the years there has a been a big debate on what is the best Easter candy. We picked four of our favorite Easter candies: gold chocolate bunnies, reese’s bunny, jelly beans and peeps. We researched and asked students and teachers at Pennridge what they thought. According to a survey sent to the students and teachers, out of the three candies we chose, the regular chocolate bunny had a whopping 56.3%. Jelly beans had 37.5%, Reese’s bunny had 6.3% and peeps had 0%. We wanted to know more so we asked. Mr. Busch, a teacher at Pennridge High School was asked, what he thinks is the most underrated Easter candy is. He said “Chocolate Easter egg Reese’s.” This also happens to be his favorite Easter candy. Then he was asked what his least favorite candy is, he said “Coconut filled egg almond joy” I for one can agree on that. Lastly Mr. Busch was asked, out of peeps, jelly beans and chocolate bunnies which would he pick, he said “Peeps.” We later asked

Abigail Esbenshade a student at Pennridge what her favorite Easter candy was, she said “You can never go wrong with Reese’s.”

Another Pennridge student Sharon Jo was asked what she thinks the most overrated candy was she said “Peeps, I don’t hate them, but I don’t love them.” When researching we found on GoodHouseKeeping, peeps rate number two as one of the best Easter candies to buy. Lindt chocolates rate number nine, Jelly belly jelly beans rate number twelve and, last but not least, Brach’s Jelly Bird Eggs rate number thirteen. Overall Lindt gold bunny has been the number one selling chocolate bunny in the U.S. for seven consecutive years. Peeps have been the number one non-chocolate brand sold during Easter for over twenty years. Each year in the U.S, there are sixteen billion jelly beans manufactured just for Easter. This is enough to circle the Earth more than three times if they were laid end to end. All four candies are very high and top selling candies, however it depends on personal preference.